Müller-Elektronik extends its product range by the new ISOBUS terminal TOUCH800 and the parallel guidance system TRACK-Guide III

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Salzkotten, Germany, January 2015 – Müller-Elektronik starts the serial production of TRACK-Guide III und TOUCH800.  With these two new terminals Müller-Elektronik completes its product range; virtually no other manufacturer offers such a wide range and variety in the field of terminals. Thanks to the APP & GO ® concept the terminals are future-proof as they can be individually and easily expanded by the activation of different apps. 


The TOUCH800 and the TRACK-Guide III are based on the same hardware like the 12 inch ISOBUS terminal TOUCH1200. The new hardware is more efficient and guarantees any time the best performance. Also the used touch technology originates from the bigger brother. Here Müller-Elektronik focuses on capacitive touch sensor technology. This is more expensive in comparison to the resistive technology, but by the fact that here the touch foil is protected behind glass; it is also almost the only technology which is predestined for the rough use in agriculture. Moreover, the TOUCH800 and the TRACK-Guide III are equipped with an 8 inch TFT colour display with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. The size and sharpness of the display offer an excellent overview and a good readability. The user interface, icons and menu navigation, also originate from the TOUCH1200. This ensures an easy and intuitive operation. As known from the BASIC and COMFORT terminal the screen is divided into a main window and another so-called header window. 

In comparison to the present terminal generation the TOUCH800 and the TRACK-Guide III also introduce new features. Therefore both support the functionality MULTI-Control which was introduced with the TOUCH1200 already on the Agritechnica. MULTI-Control is an enhancement of the TASK-Controller functionality and allows the control of complex ISOBUS machines. These are machines which contain several control units or control circuits as for example sprayer with two spray booms and water circuits or seed drills with additional seed unit for liquid fertilizer. MULTI-Control regulates also several products (seeds, fertilizer, etc.) and can separate them even in different spread rates. The system is rounded by MULTI SECTION-Control which controls the GPS-guided automatic section control of the different machine units. This is still an absolute novelty in the market.

The TOUCH800 and the TRACK-Guide III are, as usual, versatile expandable. So additional apps can be activated or also the new automatic steering system „TRACK-Leader Auto®“, which was recently introduced on the DLG field days, can be added.




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