Címke: Lothar Becker Agrartechnik

Worldwide News 2016.11.10.

Lothar Becker Agrartechnik at EuroTier 2016

Since 1989 the medium-sized company Lothar Becker Agrartechnik GmbH is focused on solutions to problems around manure and biogas technology and its wide range of accessories. From our central location in Lower Saxony (Germany) we implement federal and pan-European projects.

Worldwide News 2016.11.10.

HBC: Innovative livestock farming system

HBC is an automatic system able to hygienize the separated solid of manure, for an easy and safe use as bedding for dairy cows. Dry matter % and Production (Capacity) can be decided by the customer and it is also possible to reach a true pasteurization of the material. The flexibility and absolute certainty that only hygienized product is produced, gives the highest safety with separated solid bedding and consequently an increased milk quality.