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2021. december 15. 16:05

GRIMME presents two new store loaders

For the 2022 season, GRIMME presents the completely newly developed store loaders of the SL 900 and SL 700 series, which combine the highest throughpu...

2021. február 24. 14:42

Major upgrade for GRIMME EVO 280

Originally presented in 2018, the two-row bunker harvester, type EVO 280 with its three large separators and an intake for various crops, such as pota...

2020. július 22. 14:35

GRIMME takes over ASA-LIFT completely

The family business GRIMME from Damme (Germany) has completely taken over the Danish specialist for vegetable technology ASA-LIFT. In 2013 the GRIMME...

2018. november 6. 14:47

ASA-LIFT and GRIMME grow together

In 2013, the family company GRIMME (Damme, Germany) acquired the majority stake of the Danish company ASA-LIFT, a specialist manufacturer for vegetabl...

2018. október 15. 12:22

GRIMME Technica December 4th to 7th, 2018

Since 2004, GRIMME, a family company located at Damme, has been organising its own trade show, GRIMME Technica. For the first time, the specialised ex...

2018. szeptember 7. 14:59

GRIMME at PotatoEurope 2018

The GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik has been exhibiting every year since the beginning of the series of this event in 2004. At this year's event from 12-13...

2018. szeptember 4. 13:43

GRIMME Group on course for the future

The GRIMME Group was able to increase sales by 13.9 % from € 403 m euros in 2016 to € 459 m in 2017. All five manufacturing companies INTERNORM, RICON...

2018. augusztus 23. 13:25

GRIMME Gruppe auf Zukunftskurs

Die GRIMME Gruppe konnte den Umsatz von 403 Mio. Euro in 2016 um 13,9 % auf 459 Mio. Euro in 2017 steigern. Alle fünf produzierenden Gesellschaften IN...

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