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Worldwide News 2019.12.18.

IMPRESS boasts innovative details

As the grassland specialist, Pöttinger always has its focus on harvesting the best forage. The requirements of the market and the users are constantly increasing. The Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer continuously updates its proven machines and their functions. This results in special new developments, outstanding improvements and innovative additional functions for the best working results. This is also clearly in the foreground in the latest development of the IMPRESS round balers.

Worldwide News 2019.08.06.

New Case IH Importer Hungary - AGRI CS Magyarország Kft.

Case IH is extending the Case IH network in Hungary. Due to some recent developments on the Hungarian market and in respect of the upcoming product news and growth strategy of Case IH, we decided to announce a new importer at the Hungarian market to stabilize the current Case IH business and to support the further growth of Case IH in the Hungarian market.

Worldwide News 2019.04.17.

Pöttinger: short & sharp

When harvesting grass silage, every farm manager wants to obtain the highest possible forage quality to increase profits. Agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger clearly focuses on precisely this requirement when developing its machines. One of the main factors influencing feed quality is the theoretical chopped length. This is exactly where the loader wagons and round balers score with their short chopped length.

Worldwide News 2018.09.05.

Fendt Rotana: The new generation of round balers

The Fendt Rotana introduces a new generation of round balers. In the future, it will replace Fendt balers 1125 F, 2125 F and 2125 F ProFi and complement the variable balers Fendt 4160 V and Fendt 4180 V. Launched in time for the Field Day in Wadenbrunn, Fendt presents the new series consisting of chamber press Rotana 130 F and baler/wrappers Rotana 130 F Combi and Rotana 160 V Combi.

Worldwide News 2018.05.14.

IMPRESS – Perfect Flow for harvesting hay

The Pöttinger IMPRESS round balers deliver maximum versatility: whether in wet or dry conditions, with straw, hay or silage forage. Using these round balers to harvest hay provides a smooth flow of crop with the lowest possible disintegration losses to obtain forage rich in energy.

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