Pöttinger 2016: Insight and Outlook

Strong development in tillage and seed drill technology over the past financial year


Thanks to innovative products and a balanced product range, the family-owned Austrian company Pöttinger managed to achieve a turnover of EUR 301 million with a staff of 1,700 employees during financial year 2015/16 despite a generally difficult market situation and an overall downturn in sales in the agricultural technology industry.

Grassland technology, accounting for 57 percent in the agricultural technology sector, is the main source of sales, followed by tillage & seed drill technology at 28 percent. The enormous effort invested in developing new tillage, seed bed preparation and seed drill products at Pöttinger has paid dividends: an increase in sales of 20 percent in the seed drill sector compared to the previous year is a huge achievement.

An export share of 86.5 percent demonstrates the importance of internationalisation for Pöttinger. The top five turnover growth countries in terms of absolute machine sales compared to the previous year are Ukraine, Canada, France, Japan and China. Together with Germany at around 19 percent, Austria and France with 13.5 percent of total sales each represent the largest and most important individual markets.

New Management Team

145 years after the company was founded, Heinz Pöttinger and Klaus Pöttinger still bear the responsibility for the PÖTTINGER company as the fourth generation owners. The company's new management team have been in office since 01 August 2016: Heinz Pöttinger (Chairman and responsible for Finance and Accounting as well as Human Resources), Gregor Dietachmayr (Managing Director, Sales and Marketing), Jörg Lechner (Managing Director, Production and Purchasing) and Markus Baldinger (Managing Director, Research and Development). The new team have set themselves the challenge of developing growth within the company on all levels and to promote further internationalisation.

Ongoing development despite headwind

"Everyone needs agriculture". In the future too, regional agriculture will play a central role in feeding the world's population. All the more reason why forward-thinking farm businesses should make the necessary investments now to ensure success tomorrow. Fair business conditions and prices are a cornerstone for the long-term, healthy structure of farms. Pöttinger therefore invests in activities that promote the positive image and the value of farming produce to establish it firmly in the minds of the consumers. "As a family-run company, we feel we are linked closely to farmers and dairy producers: working together in solidarity was always and still is the uppermost priority for reaping success together in the future," explains Heinz Pöttinger on behalf of the management team, going on to say: "With our series of expansion projects, we are investing in success for tomorrow. When we develop new products, we think in the same dimensions as our customers: conserving forage and soil while delivering excellent working results, reliability and cost effectiveness. Because we continue to listen to our customers, we have been able to develop into an international specialist for forage harvesting, tillage, seed bed preparation and seed drill technology that is completely independent of any tractor brand. Together with our customers and dealerships, we will stay on this successful course into the future."