New products in the PROLANDER range


The PROLANDER vibrating tine stubble cultivator has won over many users due to its versatility, from shallow stubble cultivation to secondary tillage and seedbed preparation. It offers exceptional passage capacity even in the presence of crop residues thanks to its five rows of tines.


To meet your ever higher work output and quality requirements, KUHN offers new equipment available across the entire PROLANDER range.

1. A new one-hole tine and a new straight shank for more wear reserve and less maintenance time.

KUHN innovates on the wear part market by launching a new one-hole tine equipped with a reversible straight share. Disassembly of the part is facilitated by a single large bolt.

With 50% time savings when changing wear parts, you reduce downtime and increase productivity in the field.

The straight shares are forged and thermally treated to increase their life by an additional 20%. This new straight share is forged to give a particular shape to the workpiece with greater thickness on the work area and to retain its penetrating "V" shape. In addition, you reduce the costs of using the machine per hectare.

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2. A large diameter double tube-bar roller, ideal for stubble cultivation.

The 550 mm diameter tube roller is combined with the 420 mm diameter bar roller. It combines lift and rotational speed which leads to good crumbling and the creation of fine soil. Suitable for stubble cultivation, this new large diameter double roller is also very useful for managing weeds in the summer by creating a quality stale seedbed.

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These developments across the entire range confirm KUHN's ambition to make the PROLANDER the optimal tool for conducting min-till farming.