Monsanto grows its English language proficiency with EF Education First


Boston, USA, 23 March 2012- EF Education First, the leading corporate language training provider, announced today that it has been chosen as the sole language training supplier for Monsanto, a Fortune 500 multinational agricultural company. Monsanto has operations in over 65 countries, so a single language of communication is imperative for efficient global operations. In choosing EF as a single language training provider Monsanto aims to achieve a uniform standard of English proficiency company-wide while reducing training costs for a higher return on their investment.


Monsanto is one of the world’s largest agricultural companies, specializing in agricultural and vegetable seeds, plant biotechnology traits and crop protection chemicals. Monsanto has evolved considerably since its inception in 1901 and today has over 20,000 employees in more than 400 facilities across the globe. Largely due to their wide geographical spread, finding a single language training provider that could cover all of the countries they operate in was a real challenge for Monsanto.

Previously, Monsanto had conducted language training with multiple suppliers, but this was not conducive to a single standard of training. They therefore made the decision to switch to EF as sole supplier, citing the flexibility and advanced technology of EF’s Online School. This flexibility enables their diverse workforce to study at the level and pace that best suits them. They were also impressed by EF’s extensive regional support and high level of personal customer service. This gave Monsanto confidence that the solution would be seamlessly integrated in their regional offices and expertly managed globally.

Monsanto aims to train approximately 1,500 employees with EF’s Online School to accelerate the development of their talent, particularly in fast-growing regions such as China and Eastern Europe. “We chose to work with EF because they could offer a high-quality training solution that was perfectly adaptable to our varied needs. What’s more, they were able to offer us a true partnership; they have made an effort to understand our issues and closely work with us to solve them,” said Betsy Brennan, Learning & Development Director, Monsanto.

Celine Bewsher, Executive Vice President, EF, said “We are very pleased to be chosen as the language training provider for Monsanto. They are a truly global company for which English is not only the language of business but also a means of personal development for employees. EF’s Online School allows Monsanto to train any one of its employees across 65 countries with transparent reporting for a clear understanding of return on their investment.”