Major upgrade for GRIMME EVO 280


Originally presented in 2018, the two-row bunker harvester, type EVO 280 with its three large separators and an intake for various crops, such as potatoes, onions and carrots, is getting a major upgrade.

Thanks to the stepless, continuous bunker floor, the crop can be gently unloaded during the harvesting process.


Nonstop digging on long fields

In 2014, GRIMME presented the unique, patented 5.5 t NonstopBunker, which enables a continuous, particularly gentle emptying during harvest.

As the first potato harvester, the EVO 280 is equipped with a completely redesigned version of this NonstopBunker, with a capacity of up to 6.0 t, in addition to the 8.0 t standard bunker. The increase in bunker capacity also provides a significant increase in the transfer height and -width. This means that greater distances can be bridged between the harvester and transporting trailers and even high transport vehicles can be loaded easily and conveniently.

The principle of the NonstopBunker: Conventional bunkers are usually emptied in one step onto a transport vehicle or into boxes when they are full. A continuous unloading process during harvesting means that the bunker is emptied on one side while it is already being refilled on the other side. If this process is interrupted because the transport vehicle is full, crop remains on the elevator of the bunker. Consequently, the available, theoretical bunker capacity cannot be used.

The ingenious design of the GRIMME NonstopBunker allows the bunker floor to be reversed without additional damage to the crop. The bunker capacity can thus be completely utilised at any time and the re-moved crop serves as a soft cushion for the subsequent harvested crop flow.

Further advantages include an unloading time of approx. 45 seconds, which is only half as long as that of conventional bunkers with two bunker floor chains, and the extremely gentle crop protection, as there is no additional transfer-step in the bunker floor. Growers have confirmed an increase in performance of up to 30 % compared to harvesters with a standard bunker.

Power boost for the wheels

For more traction, increased ground protection and reduced energy consumption, a hydrostatic wheel drive can be fitted. For the first time on the market, both wheels can be permanently driven hydraulically with a total thrust of over 2.3 t (23,000 N) respecting a road transport width of less than 3.0 m and complete EU type approval. As a power boost, the input power can even be increased to more than 2.6 t (26,000 N) for a short time. The reason for the narrow transport width is a telescopic axle with a retraction of 500 mm. When extended, this axle ensures exceptionally good stability in the field.


©grimme_evo 280_hydrostatic wheel drive-k

Both wheels can be driven hydraulically.


Automatic cleaning of the separators

The feature called "Turbo Clean" facilitates the cleaning operation of certain webs and separators. The drives of the webs and separators are step by step driven with maximum speed so that self-cleaning is achieved. Turbo Clean can be manually activated by pressing a key or automatically activated at the field end.

Comfortable working position

With the new comfort packages, height-adjustable steps are available on the picking table, which provide the picking personnel with a comfortable working height. Also available are a waterproof storage box, paddings on the picking table, drink holders and a 15-litre hand wash tank. Thanks to the new lighting on the picking table, the picking staff and the driver have a good overview of the crop flow, even in the dark. The standard equipment includes an aluminium extension ladder. It can be used for various purposes and, for example, can be hooked onto the separators. With the video system "SmartView", which was awarded a silver medal by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for its many unique features, the driver maintains an overview of the entire machine.


©grimme_evo 280_comfort package (1)-k

The comfort packages, which include height-adjustable steps, undoubtedly contributes towards a pleasant working environment.


Suitable for heavy soils

For use on heavy soils, highly wear-resistant plastic share blades can be used, which helps reduces soil adhesion and keeps wear to a minimum. Clod breakers are also available on the first main web to prevent clod build-up in sticky soils without stones.


©grimme_evo 280_intake_plastic share plate-k

Wear-resistant plastic share blades and clod breakers are suitable for heavy soil conditions.


The optimum equipment for every soil

The hedgehog web of the third separator can be equipped with plates of long, soft hedgehogs. Stones and clods can sink deeper and thus be separated more efficiently from the crop flow.


©grimme_evo 280_3rd hedgehog web with plates-k

Stones and clods can sink deeply into the long, soft hedgehogs of the conveyor.


Certification across borders

The GRIMME EVO 280 is certified with complete EU type-approval according to the official regulation (EU) 167/2013, confirming that the legal safety and environmental standards are met. Especially when reselling within the EU, this approval is advantageous, as no national individual approval has to be issued for registration.


©grimme_evo 280_eu-typgenehmigung-k

The GRIMME EVO 280 has complete EU type-approval with a road transport width of less than 3.0 m.