Following on from the telehandler, the Manitou group reinvents the rough-terrain forklift at Agritechnica


The Manitou group, a world leader in all-terrain material handling, is participating in the Agritechnica trade show from 12 to 18 November in Hanover.


An opportunity to unveil new products during this flagship event with innovation as the main theme. The Manitou group reinvents the all-terrain truck with the launch of the new MC18 forklift. Telescopic loaders are also showcased with the launch of the MLA-T articulated telescopic loader and the MLT 961-145 V+ L. Four new models join the existing NewAg range with the MLT 730-115 V also available in a compact version (V CP), and the existing MLT 733-115 also in an approved tractor version. At the show, the Group will be unveiling many Gehl models with new features. The range of services is extensive, with a new seasonal financing solution to give farmers even more flexibility.

A presence under the banner of innovation

The Manitou group, through its brand Manitou, presents a fun and original trail on its booth. Visitors are invited to follow a line on the ground, which guides them among the various innovations. This trail also highlights innovations in services provided for users. People will be able to discover:

  • the Comfort Steering System (CSS) feature, which reducing the turning radius of agricultural machines,
  • the Intelligent Hydraulics System, which is installed on the NewAg range and automates many of the movements,
  • roof grid offering unrivalled optimum visibility, with ROPS/FOPS certification,
  • as well as the new ALL-IN "Up to You" financing offer, which is tailored to seasonal activity.


Another service on offer is the connected solution Easy Manager, which enables consumption and usage data to be uploaded throughout the machine's lifespan for better control of costs and usage. Arnaud Boyer, VP Marketing & Product Development, explains: "We are working on new innovations on a daily basis to improve the safety of our users, facilitate their work, reduce the TCO (total cost of ownership of the machines), and also to offer new services. After successfully reinventing the agricultural telehandler, we have completely redesigned the all-terrain truck: better visibility, easier access, flexible motorization, enhanced security and reduced maintenance costs. These innovative solutions allow us to best meet the expectations of our customers."

The MC18 forklift: greater visibility and less noise nuisance

With an overall width of 1450 mm and a height of less than 2 m on its "Buggy" version, the MC18 truck offers the user optimum visibility during handling operations thanks to a new panoramic glazed roof without a metal structure. This is composed of two tempered glass sheets separated by a plastic film (creating laminated glass). This combination ensures that the operator is protected from falling objects, meeting the requirement of ISO 6055 (FOPS) safety standards. This innovation allows the load to be monitored throughout the whole lifting operation. To provide users with even more comfort, the "doubleskin" cover consists of a tough, rigid section and a flexible insulated section, ensuring that noise nuisance is reduced. With only 79 dB in the cabin while running, the operator works in optimal conditions, whereas the market average is 86 dB. "In close collaboration with our engineering office, we have designed an ultra-compact forklift that enables farmers to get around pathways easily. It is a product that is perfectly suited to market gardeners and nurserypeople working in sometimes difficult terrains. With a total cost of ownership among the lowest on the market, we can say that with the MC18 we have reinvented the rough-terrain forklift!", says Patrick Laridan, Lift Truck Marketing Manager & Product Development.


Great versatility

The MC18 delivers a ground clearance of 30 cm, the highest on the compact truck market. This development gives it greater versatility on all types of ground, and makes obstacle clearance significantly easier. The floor height, accessible without steps, is retained thanks to optimization of the machine's engine components and allows the operator to enter and exit the cab effortlessly.


The MC18-4 offers the option of switching from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive, whether the machine is in operation or not. The 4-wheel drive mode gives the MC18 improved driveability and traction, so it is easier to make difficult crossings. By switching to 2-wheel drive, the operator can reach a speed of 25 km/h and increase productivity gains. This means that fuel consumption is reduced by 12.5% in the handling cycle. The TCO of the machine is greatly optimized, giving a maintenance cost of just €11.8/h (for 750h/year).

This model has been designed to make it easy to access the engine via a cap located just behind the operator's seat. The user can check the various levels without needing to lift up the cab or have special tools.


An extended range of NewAg telehandlers

Building on its success, with more than 3,000 machines ordered one year after its launch, the NewAg range now includes 13 models. The new MLT 730-115, with a capacity of 3 tonnes for a boom height of 7m, is equipped with a M-Varioshift (two-speed hydrostatic and powershift) transmission (and is available in two models, one of which is more compact with a width of 2.06 m and height of 2.14 m). The range is complemented by another model, the MLT 733-115, with or without tractor homologation and LSU pump.


New MLT 961-145 V+ L

While intending to replace the MLT 960 model, the Group is giving a preview presentation of a new high capacity model, the MLT 961-145 V+. Many innovations have been incorporated in this model to optimize user comfort, including the “Easy-Step” cab access. The capacity at max. height is now increased by 40% compared to the MLT 960 model. In addition, the cab insulation reduces the noise level to 74 dB(A), a reduction by half compared to the previous range! The “Intelligent Hydraulics” package available on the NewAg, is also available as an option on this model.



MLT machines have a new look

To update the range of agricultural telescopic loaders, the Manitou group will be introducing new features at Agritechnica. The MLT 840-145 PS model now benefits from the "Easy Step" cab access included on NewAg machines. From 2018, in order to clearly distinguish its agricultural range, Manitou will standardize the design of all its telehandlers, notably by offering a black boom and cab structure, the same as in the NewAg range. This standardization will showcase the comfortable cab interior, the high performance level, particularly during intense work cycles, and the profitability, which are all attributes of Manitou telehandlers.

Launch of the MLA-T (Manitou Loader Articulated Telescopic)

Exhibited for the first time at the LAMMA trade show in the UK, the new MLA-T is a tailored response to needs in areas such as animal feeding, stab cleaning, manure spreading, and handling of agricultural materials, such as hay bales. The roof grid allows much greater precision when handling loads at height, and access to the driver's station is made easier thanks to two doors situated to the left and right of the cab. The famous JSM® (Joystick Switch & Move) on the armrest also figures amongst the components of the MLA-T, offering the operator additional comfort. With a shorter turning radius that allows turning in particularly cramped spaces, manoeuvrability is one of the MLA-T's real assets. The "Intelligent Hydraulics" package, the "Regenerative Hydraulics" system and the "Active CRC" boom suspension allow the user to carry out numerous movements while increasing productivity. This new model also optimizes fuel consumption.



The full range of Gehl models

Recently shown at SIMA in Paris, the Gehl AL T750 telescopic articulated loader will be available during the second quarter of 2018 in all the Group's dealerships in Europe and the United States. With a boom that can reach 5 metres in height, this model enables farmers to work in increasingly high farm storage areas.

The AL 650 loader is also exhibited on the Group's booth. Designed for difficult environments, this model is one of the brand's best-sellers and can also be used in commercial and industrial applications, with dedicated options, such as high-flow auxiliary hydraulics or LED working lights. It is equipped with a Yanmar 46 kW stage 3B engine. The range of articulated loaders is very wide, and notably includes the AL 540 & AL 306 models to cover all users' needs. The Group also presents one of its many compact Gehl loaders with the R190 model, which is emblematic of the range of Gehl compact loaders.


An ever-lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of machines

The new MC18 was conceived and designed to reduce the total cost of ownership. Its compact 26.5 kW engine optimizes its fuel consumption. Consuming 3.5 l/h, the MC18 is the most energy-efficient compact rough-terrain forklift on the market. Thanks to an optimized preventive maintenance, the interval between hydraulic oil changes is now extended to 2,000 hours. With a TCO between 15% and 20% lower than the competition, the 4-wheel drive version of the MC18 forklift shows a total cost of ownership of €11.8/hour for 750 hours of use per year, the lowest for rough-terrain forklift. All these innovations allow the MC18 to benefit from a high residual value.

Extended ALL-IN offer

To adapt to the seasonality of the MC18 users' activity, the “ALL-IN” long term rental offer with services is now offered in the “Up To You” format. This innovative service offer allows users to make their monthly payments non-linearly. The customer can thus decide to opt for 6 consecutive high payments followed by 6 low payments, over a maximum of 36 months. This new feature gives farmers the option of tailoring the amount of their rental payments according to their activity and income. As a reminder, the “ALL-IN” offers are long-term rental agreements, which include different services, such as preventive maintenance or preventive and corrective maintenance. These offers are already available in Germany, Benelux, Spain, France and Portugal.


The Easy MANAGER connected solution, which allows remote management and monitoring of equipment, is also integrated into the ALL-IN “Up to You” offer, providing farmers with even more services. This service is now available on smartphones via the “Manitou Easy MANAGER” app, making it easier for users to connect.

New version of the “Reman” offer

The Manitou group is offering a new service to recondition original parts. The “Reman” offer enables the dealer, when making a repair, to order a reconditioned part under warranty, at a lower cost and with greater stock availability for the most heavily requested items. The defective part will be sent to Manitou by the dealer. These parts will then be verified, checked and then reconditioned with original parts. The latter will then be 100% tested to receive an original part warranty identical to that of the new part. The Group is thus committed to a circular economy approach:

  • through reusing waste
  • through improving its profitability and that of its customers
  • through reducing machine downtime

As well as reducing the environmental impact, the “Reman” offer allows users to reduce the TCO of their machine. 128 telehandler parts are currently included in this offer, including parts for the engine, transmission, gearbox, turbo and also the wheel gear reducer. Already available in France, the offer is now being extended to Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain, with other European countries to come in 2018.


Certified innovative attachments for added versatility and productivity

This year, the Manitou group is once again presenting a wide range of complete solutions for machines and attachments on its booth. These are a result of its unique approach on the market, with a combined machine/attachment offer certified by its engineering offices. This validation gives a combined guarantee of performance for daily use, maximum versatility and total security.

Among the new products on show, the CBA 2700/ 4500 LDR cereal bucket (2.7m wide with a capacity of 4,5m³) is specific to the MLT 961, and gives a very high t/h level of loading performance.


The Group is also supporting the development of the market of fodder wrapped in square bales using a dedicated clamp, the CLBWS 2000/ 1000. This has a maximum opening of 2,000 mm for a capacity of 1,000 kg. Visitors will also be able to look at the CBG 2450/ 1700 FO grab bucket (width 2450 mm, capacity 1700l, forged tines), designed specially for the MLT NewAg machines to give an optimal working speed.


Gehl and Mustang attachments are also exhibited, including two attachments on show for the first time: the CLP 1000/ 800 pot clamp (opening 1000 mm, capacity 800 kg) developed for plant nurseries. It significantly reduces the difficulty of handling plants in pots, and is equipped with a laser levelling bar, which operates both in push mode (rough work for large volumes of materials) and in pull mode (finishing work).


The Group is expanding its CSR approach

Following the launch of the “REDUCE Fuel” programme in 2013, then “REDUCE TCO”, the Group is launching a new internet platform for its customers: This new website, which will be accessible at the end of the year, will bring together all the Fuel and TCO calculators. The TCO calculator is now available for the three brands: Manitou, Gehl and Mustang. Visitors will also be able to consult a wealth of information on the REDUCE products and services and advice on making the best use of their machines and increasing productivity.


“REDUCE RISKS”, the Group's latest innovation. An accident involving a handling machine is always linked to a number of factors: choosing materials and equipment that are not suited to the environment, lack of knowledge of the machine and inappropriate use of the equipment. The Group's “REDUCE RISKS” approach consists, therefore, of preventive measures that aim to help customers to choose the right equipment, which is suited to the task at hand, and give drivers the knowledge and skills necessary to drive safely. On this new platform, farmers will be able to access an extensive library of 200 videos on getting to grips with the machines, divided into several categories: operation, use, accessibility and maintenance. Other features will also be available: simplified memos with advice on starting to use the machine, technical datasheets, operating instructions for all the Group's ranges of agricultural telescopic machines, as well as posters of preventive measures to spread good practices.