Fendt Smart Farming presents innovative technology from Precision Planting at the Fendt Field Day


The American company Precision Planting, which has been part of the AGCO Group since 2017, specialises in agronomic aspects of plant growth, in particular establishment of crops. The product range includes technologies for optimising maize, sunflower, and sugar beet planting. Precision Planting solutions will be presented for the first time in Europe at the Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn as part of the Fendt Smart Farming programme.


For the past 25 years, Precision Planting has been equipping North American farmers with innovative technologies which have a positive impact on the various growth cycles of plants. For the first time, these systems are now being tested in northern and western Europe to assess use of the technology from an agronomic perspective for the EME (Europe and Middle East) region.

Maize was planted with Precision Planting technology on the Fendt Field Day showgrounds in Wadenbrunn to document and evaluate the use of this technology. Key to an assessment of the technology here is the exact placement depth and optimal seedling emergence.

Precision Planting focuses on optimal seedling emergence

Optimal emergence of seedlings forms the essential basis of high yields, in particular with regard to single grain planting. The main focus here is on the exact placement depth of seed in wet soil.

With Precision Planting’s automatic “DeltaForce” down force control system, your seed depth is always right. DeltaForce replaces mechanical down force control on conventional single grain planters with a hydraulic cylinder, which is fitted with sensors. If the system encounters changes in soil conditions, such as sand, loam or tracks, the down force can be automatically adjusted from 10 to 250 kg. The exact placement depth can therefore be constantly maintained.


Achieve higher yields through innovative technology

The Fendt brand also stands for innovative technologies which offer an agronomic benefit to farmers. The use of Precision Planting has a relatively positive impact on plant and root growth, and therefore on the yield. This is why the use of Precision Planting technology is also ideally suited to the Fendt Smart Farming programme.