Challenger goes Crop Care


AGCO is now focusing to develop its Crop Care business to give its Customers and Dealers a bigger and better product portfolio, Challenger’s role is to develop more crop care products to fit the European market conditions.

Challenger introduces All-New Class of high performance 9830NT Air Drill Series

Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is expanding its seeding product offering to include the new Challenger 9830NT Series, an integrated seed hopper, single-disc air drill. The CH9830NT Series incorporates the proven technology of the existing Challenger 9000 Air Drill line, while also featuring a high capacity, two-compartment integrated hopper and a narrow, 3.5m transport width to give it exceptional versatility and performance.

"The heart of the new 9830NT air drill is Challenger’s field-proven, single-row, single-disc opener system," says AGCO’s Cameron McKenzie, Product Marketing Manager EAME Seeding and Tillage. "This system delivers the precise, high-speed seeding performance farmers are asking for to plant more hectares in less time."

Each tool bar on the CH9830NT single disc drill consists of a patented sowing tool arrangement -  two pairs of seeding discs and two packer tyres with each pair of seeding discs mounted in opposition on a common strut.

By placing all of the openers in a single row, the opener spacing stays uniform in turns and when subjected to side forces whilst working on slopes. Soil coverage over each seed row is more uniform since the seed is not covered with additional soil from a following row.

Challenger’s single-disc opener design throws significant soil between the discs and in front of the packer tyre, providing more loose soil for packing and minimising open furrows.

The pneumatic packing tyre packs the full width of the seed row, following the contours of the land. Seed is placed precisely at each edge of the packer tyre, creating an unpacked path to the surface for the seedling and ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact.

The patented five degree angle of the packer tyre closes and firms the seed trench as well as keeping the tyres cleaner in sticky conditions.

Two-compartment multi-product tank improves productivity

The CH9830NT Series features a 6200 litre tank capacity – one of the highest in the industry – resulting in higher productivity and versatility of use for grain/fertiliser applications.

The tank consists of two commodity chambers divided in a 60/40 split, with a forward-chamber capacity of 3700 litres and a rear-chamber capacity of 2467 litres. When combined, this equips the Challenger 9830NT Series with a 695 litres capacity per metre of seeding width.

Variable rate seed and fertiliser with AgControlTM

Growers can be more certain than ever that they will place seeds in exactly the right place at the right time with the new AgControl system. Developed through AGCO´s Fuse® Technologies, AgControlTM is the most accurate and responsive rate control system on the market, allowing operators to place inputs, such as seeds or fertiliser, into the field at varying rates, according to field prescription zone maps.

This variable rate technology optimises yield potential across the many soil types and conditions in the field. The CH9830NT task controller also allows operators to vary seed rates as needed. Seed meters are electrically driven and managed by ISO task controllers that provide precise control of the desired seeding rate, along with three-section zone control and seed rate compensation while turning in the field as controlled by the AgControlTM system.

Compact transport enhances field manoeuvrability

The CH9830NT Series offers exceptionally compact transport dimensions and field manoeuvrability with an 3.5m transport width and a 9.14m working width. Having the seed tank integrated into the frame greatly reduces the overall length compared to conventional air seeders with a towed cart configuration, making it possible to back into irregularly shaped areas of a field or readily manoeuvre around the farmstead and storage buildings.

A drill designed for accuracy and speed

The Challenger air drill is designed to seed in the entire range of soil conditions, from no-till with heavy residue to conventional seedbeds. The CH9830NT Series utilises an advanced metering system to accurately deliver seeds while operating at high forward speeds. The system features a stainless-steel-bodied venturi, which eliminates the need for a pressurised tank and greatly reduces the demand on the hydraulic fan, while providing a dedicated metering flute for each row.

Wireless blockage sensors are installed on every seed run to warn the operator if lines are blocked or operating more slowly than specified. The easy-to-use blockage monitoring system is valuable to keep seeding operations running for timely planting of every hectare with minimal interruptions.

On the CH9830NT Series, the down pressure of each toolbar is created by hydraulic cylinders connected in a parallel circuit, creating consistency across the drill and consistency through the entire range of motion of the toolbars. The system is reliable even in the presence of rocks and other obstructions.

To confirm correct depth placement, the CH9830NT Series utilises colour-coded depth-control collars on each of the frame lift cylinders. The active down-pressure hydraulic circuit is controlled via a cab-mounted terminal that allows operators to change the downward pressure on the go to match varying crop residue and soil conditions.

The CH9830NT Series is also capable of one-pass seeding and offers several convenient fertiliser placement options.

"With the CH9830NT, Challenger has designed a fast-operating, high seed-capacity drill that integrates the openers and the seed supply onto one frame for greater manoeuvrability, versatility and flexibility, so farmers can use a highly productive air drill in a wider range of farming operations," Cameron McKenzie says.

Challenger to launch new styling on MT800E Series tracked tractors

Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO  (NYSE:AGCO), is updating its large tracked tractor styling and increasing the operator comfort package. The 2016 models will be on display at Agritechnica, in November 2015.

Challenger MT800E Series:








16.8 litre, V12 Tier 4 final / Stage IV

Rated Power* @ 2,100rpm 





Max. Power*   @ 1,900rpm





Max torque*    @ 1,500rpm

2170 Nm

2360 Nm

2600 Nm

2840 Nm

* ECE R120

Challenger MT800E new features

  • New hood design
  • New engine Hydraulic Valve Lifters (HVL)
  • New Heating, Venting and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
  • New monitor mounting bar with RAM® mounting and powerstrip
  • New premium speaker package with infotainment updates
  • New LED work light options are available

New hood design – E series Facelift

The new hood design for the MT800E and wheeled and articulated MT900E provides additional working lights in the front grill to provide increased visibility and reduce driver fatigue.

Taking its styling from the MT700E launched in 2013, the new hood design improves natural airflow around the engine compartment allowing the engine to run cooler and improve efficiency. The large one-piece hood lifts upwards, hinging near the windshield, to expose the engine and many service points. With the hood raised, there is full access to the radiators, batteries, engine sides and air filter.


  • Better airflow for engine to run cooler and improve efficiency
  • Easy all around access to service points
  • New engine Hydraulic Valve Lifters (HVL)

The industry leading AGCO Power 16.8 litres twelve-cylinder engine now features Hydraulic Valve Lifters. These devices allow for zero valve clearance in engines. Previously solid lifters required scheduled adjustments to maintain a small clearance between the valve lifter and the rocker arm that actually opens the cylinder valves.


  • Automatic compensation for temperature, the HVL maintains zero tappet clearance while the engine’s operating temperature changes and does not leave valves open or closed.
  • Improves engine thermal and mechanical efficiency.
  • Extends valve train life with less noise and clatter, less wear on the camshaft and cam follower.
  • Better specific fuel consumption. Hydraulic lifters do not reduce fuel consumption on their own but improving the engine balance results in lower fuel consumption.
  • Easier to adjust and set tappet clearance, hydraulic lifters are much easier to adjust and set than solid lifters. Less maintenance time results in lower operational costs.

New Heating, Venting and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

The updated HVAC on the new E series tractor improves air-conditioning performances even further. Test reports show 10% increase in the cooling capacity within ten minutes cooling from 50 ⁰C and 20% after an hour testing*. New insulation materials with higher heat reduction capability has been installed and the air-conditioning unit has also been updated. Part of the updates is the new compressor with 15% increased capacity compared to the previous model. New positioning of the condenser also helps in improving the operation of the system. The HVAC unit now features a riffled evaporator and new vein type fan.

*Results of Challenger in-house testing.


  • With the updated HVAC system the operator environment reaches, and maintains longer, the required temperature faster.
  • Improved sound level in the cab of operator environment results in higher comfort for the operator.

New monitor mounting bar with RAM® mounting and powerstrip

The Monitor Bar along with the rigid RAM mount allows for easy customization to view monitors at different distances, angles and heights. The new powerstrip mounted on the back-side of the monitor bar provides easy access to auxiliary power for additional monitors and controllers. Six three-pin outlets provide 12 Volt (30 Amp) power for any additional electronic needs.


  • Easy mounting and positioning of additional monitor, in addition to the standard ISOBUS, with the quick release and slide bar.
  • Safe way to connect electric devices protected by a 30 Amp fuse

New premium speaker package with infotainment updates

The new DELPHI Stereo with Bluetooth capability allows for easy access to mobile devices for music or phone calls. The ability to sync Bluetooth wireless compatible devices with the radio makes for an easy and clutter free operator area. Hands-free calling means you never have to miss a call. If your phone rings, you can answer with the push of a button. The operator can control the radio and answer/ hang up phone with controls located on steering wheel. The integrated ceiling microphone allows the operator to talk on the phone hands free this allows them to be more productive and in control. The New USB Charger located in the right rear of the cab provides additional convenience to power or charge accessories. Right next to that is the new Auxiliary Audio Input Jack to plug multiple media devices in and play music or personalized internet radio.


  • Heavy-duty radio designed for off-road vehicle use
  • Hands-free telephone calls plus USB charger and AUX connection
  • Premium speaker package for better quality

New LED work light options are available

The new LED light option provides 6 rear facing cab lights and 2 side facing track lights. The LED light option provides 60% more lumens than halogen and 8% more lumens than HID. The LED lights are strategically located to provide superior illumination: they are a brighter and whiter light at further distances allowing the operator see better in adverse conditions. They also operate more efficiently as they only use a fraction of the power and do not disperse heat like the Halogen lights. LED’s create a brighter and safer workplace around the Challenger tractors and can increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue. LED’s are sealed and tested to withstand high pressure washings, extreme vibrations, and are maintenance free as they are longer lasting than their light counterparts. Because LEDs are made from a solid semiconductor they are much more durable than halogen bulbs.


  • Brighter and more natural light created results in reducing operator fatigue
  • Reduced power consumption delivers improved efficiency

RoGator 600D with new Vision Cab from AGCO

Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is leading AGCO product development with the award winning RoGator 600. Challenger will be launching a new operator station and electronic control system at Agritechnica 2015.

Providing superior levels of operator visibility, space and comfort, Challenger’s new RoGator 600D self-propelled sprayer is the first machine to use AGCO’s newly-developed global cab.

Main points:

  • New wider cab
  • Larger front screen
  • Unrivalled levels of operator comfort
  • Section Control and TaskDoc Pro
  • Electric nozzle shut-off
  • Wireless date exchange

Totally integrated into the sprayer, Engineers have maximised the use of all available space on the Category 4 certified Vision cab.

Being 32cm wider (22%) than the previous RoGator C-Series cab, there is plenty of space for the passenger seat which contains an integrated storage box capable of both cooling and heating the contents.

The new cab also provides a generous 14.3% (0.5cu.m.) interior volume increase and the front screen is 1.34sq.m. larger - an increase of nearly 90%. Combined with the narrower steering column, this greatly improves operator visibility out through the front.

The total cab glass area is increased by nearly a quarter (0.4sq.m.) and the flatter but wider and curved design of the rear windows and slim-line rear cab posts helps to improve operator visibility of the booms.

The cab interior and control panel is all brand new and all software now developed in-house. There is a new arm rest which has printed icons explaining all functions and controls. While the current twin screen terminal from the RG600C has been replaced by a single 10.2” screen in the RG600D.

The new cab also features an updated climate control system as standard (optional on C-Series). The enlarged heavy-duty air-conditioning system produces the same cooling capacity at a lower fan speed, helping to reduce in-cab noise levels.

On the exterior the fuel and ad-blue tanks have been combined and the size of the diesel tank has been increased by 90-litres from 230 to 320 litres.

The height of the side-walls of the pull-out chemical storage container have also been lowered making it easier to replace spray cans. The front is now fitted with a soap dispenser.

The new position for the hydraulic tank behind the cab has allowed the access platform to be made of a flat floor design. The standard top and bottom halogen front work lights can be optionally replaced for a LED package.

Precision farming

The 2016 RoGator D also features a totally updated technology package including an in-house developed application control. When fitted with Yara’s crop-sensor, these technology-packed machines can be used with several new precision farming features.

The TaskDoc Pro documentation system provides wireless data-exchange between the vehicle and the office The TaskDoc Variable Rate Control (VRC), a map based product application, provides for electric nozzle shut-off /1m section.

All vehicles come telemetry ready, allowing access to AGCO’s soon to be introduced “Fuse Connected Services”. Connected Services are Dealer offered service packages ensuring vehicle up-time and operation optimisation.

Available with the Auto-Guide guidance system, the first opportunity to see the 2016 RoGator (RG635D, RG645D and RG655D) will be at Agritechnica 2015.

World’s first (Self-Propelled - Trailed) Sprayer from Challenger

Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is expanding its crop protection product offering. Designed, tested, and built in Europe for the European market, Challenger’s first trailed sprayer will be on display at Agritechnica, in November 2015.


Designated the RoGator 300, initially there will be two 300 Series models – the RG333 and RG344. The last two digits refer to the tank capacity of 3,300 and 4,400 litres.

Building on the success of the RoGator 600, the RoGator 300 shares two-thirds of its technology with the self-propelled sprayer. This includes the spray boom and suspension system, centre frame, boom lift arm (adapted slightly but the same concept), all plumbing and chemical induction hopper. What Challenger Engineers have done is to add these to a specially-made drawbar, chassis, axle and tank.

The flexible design of the drawbar allows it to be quickly adjusted to all tractors and tyre sizes.

The Standard RG300 uses load-sensing hydraulics. An optional PTO-powered pump is available for users looking to tow the RG300 behind different tractors lacking load-sensing hydraulics or with less hydraulic power. Secured to the drawbar, the housing is supplied as standard to the drawbar. Easily added at a later stage.

Gleaned from the RoGator 600, the single beam chassis offers the same 35 degrees steering angle keeping the inner turning circle of the RG300 to just 7.6m. The wheel hubs of the modular and in-house designed axle design remain the same, but adding spacers between the wheel hubs and the chassis allows the sprayer to be quickly changed on-farm to operate at different track widths from 1.5 to 2.25m.

The storage next to the chemical inductor on the left side of the machine provides a generous 41 litres of storage space for gloves, glasses and work clothing.

There is additional storage space on the opposite side of the machine, and the first two machines each provide a generous 342 litres of total storage space.

The positioning of the standard 400 litre clean water front tank at the front of the sprayer adds more weight to the tractor’s rear wheels to allow them to maintain traction as the main tank empties. Users seeking even more clean water carrying capacity can specify the optional rear 500 litre clean water tank, which boosts the clean water carrying capacity to 900 litres.

Standard on the RoGator 300 - electric nozzle shut off eliminates the need for a compressor and results in less air hose plumbing for a cleaner boom build.

Fully ISOBus compatible, a limited number of RG300 test units are out in the field this year, and a larger batch of pre-production machines will be produced for next years season.