BvL V-MIX Plus: New 22 m3 mixer wagon added to the family of external loaders with two augers

The V-MIX Plus 22-2S is BvL’s answer to the ever increasing demand for medium-sized mixer wagons.


With the new V-MIX Plus 22-2S Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) is rounding off their V-MIX Plus line of medium-sized external loaders with two augers.

The V-MIX Plus 22-2S mixer wagon engineered by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) is the 14th size option in the company’s line of external loaders with two augers.


Delivering a capacity of nearly 22 m3, this new mixer wagon is already the 14th size option that BvL is offering in their two-auger mixer portfolio.

The mechanical engineering company now supplies medium-size machines with capacities ranging from 18 m3 to 27 m3 and models with a flat or extra tall mixing vessel that can hold 15 m3, 17 m3 or 20 m3.

“We experience steady demand at home and abroad for medium-size mixer wagons from a large number of farmers. Complementing our medium-size portfolio with 18 m3, 20 m3, 25 m3, and 27 m3, our new 22 m3 offers our customers yet another option to find the size that is right for them”, explains Bernard van Lengerich, Managing Director at BvL.

Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) offers a host of mixer wagon options that are available with one to three mixing augers. Thanks to a plethora of size and equipment options, BvL can offer every dairy farm the machine that suits their needs best.


Apart from a slew of different size options, BvL Maschinenfabrik also provides an extensive range of equipment options that go with their mixer wagons. Foremost among these options is the comprehensive line of discharge choices that include doors on the side or the rear, conveyor belts or side elevators. What is more, BvL mixer wagons can also be equipped with an electric control for the hydraulic functions, various camera systems, a programmable weighing unit or magnets that will keep out foreign objects. Even fitting a straw blower at the rear is a cinch and also a good option for the front - if found to be feasible by a technical inspection. These expansive options make the machine versatile enough to both ideally fit the size of the agricultural business for which it was purchased and perfectly adapt to the conditions at the site where it is used.

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