BvL: Use the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system to calculate feeding efficiency and income

mobile weighing and feed management system with versatile functionality; compatible with all mixer wagons


Cost control and feeding management are pivotal to anyone you wants to run a dairy farm with maximum efficiency. The mobile weighing and feed management system V-DAIRY Feeder TMR System by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) helps farmers keep full control of their feeding data and calculate such essential indicators as the IOFC and the feed conversion efficiency (FCE) of the respective group of animals.

The IOFC (Income over feed costs) signifies the income after feed costs / the contribution margin. This measure factors in feed costs, milk yield and milk price. Usually, income is the product of several factors interacting rather than one factor alone.

Generally, BvL's feed management system makes it easier for the farmer to stay in complete control over his group of cows and their feeding. It allows for easier and more efficient management of the animal groups and their rations – and can even handle daily updates. The reports shown in the integrated software are particularly helpful as they make documenting and evaluating each feeding a breeze and arrange the relevant data in a manner that is much easier to grasp. This feature is both useful and convenient during the daily work on the farm.

The essential and versatile functions and reports of the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system include:

  • Calculate feeding efficiency (FCE)
  • Calculate the contribution margin (IOFC)
  • Option to distinguish between base feed and concentrated feed
  • Optimize feed stock management
  • Feeding times: Start and end time of each loading and unloading process
  • Feeding accuracy: Display of the target quantity of each component to be loaded and the currently loaded total quantity in the loading menu of the PDA (the compact, portable end device included with the system)

As the data is transmitted in real time and the Web-based portal of the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system offers personal, password-protected access, you can view the most recent feeding reports at any time no matter where you are in the world. This feature allows the farmer to keep his eyes firmly on his farm.

Another distinguishing feature of the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system is its exceptional degree of technical compatibility. No matter which mixer wagon the farmer uses: The system can be connected to all makes and models, allowing the farmer to hook it up to the specific brand and weighing system he uses. For more information, visit: