BvL: New transceiver box for V-DAIRY Feeder TMR

with a new and improved Bluetooth antenna for even faster recording and transmission of data


Fully customized dairy cattle feeding technology that is on the cutting edge – that is one of the strong points of Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik (BvL) from Emsbüren in the Emsland region. The company’s highly advanced portfolio also includes the mobile weighing and feed management system named V-DAIRY Feeder TMR.

This system shows the farmer all important feeding data at a glance and provides him with such key indicators as the IOFC (income over feed costs) and the feed conversion efficiency (FCE) across all individual groups of animals. To obtain this data, the farmer con-nects the matching V-DAIRY Feeder transceiver box to the existing weighing unit of his mixer wagon. Once installed, the box takes charge of the electronic recording of the data and swaps it between mixer wagon and hand-held display, for instance, while loading or unloading the feed. The latest version of the transceiver box has been given a major overhaul. While offering the same capabilities as its predecessor in terms of standing up to the daily challenges of your business, the new version sets itself apart primarily with its enhanced transmission and receiving performance. We achieved these improvements by extending the Bluetooth antenna on the box to 4 times its orig-inal length. The gain/amplification of the antenna now amounts to 5 dbi. This augmentation makes the data transmission from the Web-based feed man-agement software to the device not only less prone to interference but also significantly faster.

What is more, the latest version of our transceiver box is also much sturdier than its forerunner thanks to minor design tweaks such as encapsulated wires. Both the new and the old box are 100% water-proof and can be opened with perfect ease, granting you full access to the circuit board housed on the in-side if you need to troubleshoot the device. The new model also did not lose any of its signature technical versatility. Because no matter which mixer wag-on the farmer uses: The system can be connected to all makes and models, allowing the farmer to hook it up to the specific brand and weighing system he uses.

Designed to work with the V-DAIRY Feeder TMR system, BvL’s new transceiver box has received a major boost for its Bluetooth antenna and, consequently, offers greater transmission and receiving performance.


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