BvL: New straw blower


Larger, more flexible, and even more powerful – the new V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower engineered by Bernard van Lengerich (BvL), the family-ownedand-operated manufacturer from the Emsland region, now adapts even more effectively to the needs of any farming business.

Now even sturdier, its new design offers a host of technical improvements. The distinguishing features of the new V-COMOFRT Turbo are:

  • Larger and, thus, more efficient: Departing from the previous diameter of 1.1 m, the new blower boasts a diameter of 1.5 m.
  • Built-in wind charger to increase the throw distance and assist the feeding process to the straw blower.
  • More powerful thanks to deeper housing: Significantly deeper at 350 mm, the housing generates more power in combination with the larger impeller.
  • More rugged drive: Instead of the belt drive that used to function as a coupling clutch, a cardan shaft now links the drive train of the straw blower. At present, the gearbox used for the drive of the blower is switched by a Bowden cable – a version that can be switched hydraulically will follow.
  • This type of gearbox boosts power transmission. In extreme cases, the new drive with friction clutch can keep the system from overloading.
  • Greater versatility thanks to modular design: The modular design of the V-COMFORT Turbo makes it highly adjustable. It gives the customer several options: direct ejection, allowing for a more shallow and improved trajectory or ejection with 190° hydraulic slewing control, which makes it possible to adjust the throw direction in a flexible manner.
  • More compact construction: The new design of the drive places the straw blower even closer to the mixing hopper, which saves valuable space, shortens the length of the machine and improves its maneuverability. Another advantage is that the flow of the bedding material has been optimized by the asymmetrical door opening.

The most innovative feature of our new straw blower is, however, its air flow principle: Boasting two chambers sheltered in the housing, the design of the BvL straw blower delivers powerful straw ejection that is supported by air flow. The built-in wind charger creates suction that reliably draws the straw into the blower. In a subsequent step, the straw is accelerated and blown out by the impeller.

As before, the new straw blower can be installed in the front or rear area of (nearly) all V-MIX models. The new V-COMFORT Turbo retains such triedand-tested elements as the stone trap, which makes it possible to sift coarse and heavy foreign objects out of the bedding material.

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