BvL: New oscillating headstock on tandem axle

For heavy-duty applications on unpaved roadways


Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) is supplementing their line of axles and will soon offer customers a new tandem axle that is supported on an oscillating headstock.

This oscillating headstock is designed to offset any major irregularities in roadways and make it easier to overcome inclines leading up to the barn entrance. The headstock evens out the height of the mixer wagon, constantly keeping the mixing hopper level and spreading the weight evenly across all four wheels.

"This expansion of the equipment options for our mixer wagons allows us to react with even greater flexibility to the conditions found on site. The tandem axle with oscillating headstock is an excellent alternative to our 4-spring tandem axle system if the mixer wagon needs to be operated off-road or must pass over locations on the farm that are characterized by major unevenness and great differences in height", says Mr. van Lengerich, Managing Director of BvL.

We shipped the first machine equipped with this new tandem axle in August of 2016, Mr. van Lengerich continues. The oscillating tandem axle system is a particularly interesting option for machines built for Russian farmers as the roadways on which the machines travel in Russia are predominantly bumpy.