BvL: Bedding implement - now with even greater durability

V-COMFORT Bedding with thick layer passivated conveyor belt frame; for improved corrosion protection


Aside from their feeding and other aspects, the design of the surfaces on which the animals rest is a factor of paramount importance to the health and, ultimately, the performance of the animals - especially to the cows on a dairy farm.

Therefore, any investment in high-quality bedding equipment that is tailored to the specific needs of your operation is sure to pay off. And, the V-COMFORT series engineered by Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG fits this bill perfectly.

Widely known especially for their feeding equipment, the family-owned business from Germany's Emsland region offers the perfect solution for any farm with their line of V-COMFORT bedding implements. The characteristics that make these models unique are their suitability for high bed and deep bed cubicles and for front or rear attachment to the tractor. Every model also fea-tures versatile dispensing rollers that can be adapted to the bedding material used.

A new feature is that the units now come standard with thick layer passivated conveyor belt frame. The primary purpose of thick layer passivation is to protect against corrosion. Widely used in the automotive industry, thick layer passivation offers a quality that is comparable to powder coating. This extra layer of protection enhances the durability of BvL's bedding implement even further. Meanwhile, the unit retains its proven design and superior level of reliability thanks to such features as a built-in tipping sensor. The sensor monitors the tipping angle and prevents the dispensing rollers from starting up inadvertently.

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