A connected offering for farmers


The Manitou group, a world leader in rough-terrain handling, is taking part in the 2019 edition of SIMA. Driven by innovation, the group is showcasing the connected solutions that are now installed on all the agricultural machines it sells. Many new products are unveiled: new articulated loaders, a new range dedicated to compact loaders, and the most compact telehandler in the range presented for the first time.


To represent the connectivity of its machines, the Manitou group presents a booth spanning more than 800 m² in a Wi-Fi arrangement, with numerous Manitou and Gehl ranges grouped in circular arcs like the well-known Wi-Fi pictogram. As a special feature of this edition, an additional 200 m² booth is entirely dedicated to the range of attachments offered by the group.

Also featured on the booth is a “Manitou” user experience for visitors, with two spaces dedicated to the game “Farming Simulator” ― with which the Manitou group has partnered ― with simulations of the new models: the MLA-T telescopic articulated loader, MLT telehandler and MC forklift. A giant touch table is also provided for visitors, allowing them to view the future of connected intelligent agricultural handling solutions, and the added value of the data collected, essential for farmers.

Every machine ordered is a connected machine!

The internet of things, or IoT, is a growing market. The Manitou group has been using this technological advance to connect, as standard, every new machine ordered* since the beginning of January 2019. The data collected enable farmers to be offered a new experience and new services. Olivier le Pesquer, head of TCO for Service Development, says: “Connected machines are an essential source of data in our goal of reducing TCO for users. Based on the MLT 741 -140 V+ models already equipped, we have noted an average fuel consumption of only 5.78 L/h** across all four applications of a telehandler, namely loading, road, handling, and idle speed. This represents a saving of more than €4,660 over 3 years of use compared to the market average.

MyManitou: the customer-oriented app!

In its quest to provide its users with new solutions, Manitou group is currently developing a new mobile app to allow users to find out all about their machine. As part of the group's drive towards digital transformation, the new smartphone app “MyManitou” is designed and engineered above all to provide instant service. Thanks to data transmitted in real time, it is possible for farmers to know the location, fuel consumption and fuel level of their machine at all times, and to detect any technical problems. To avoid productivity-sapping downtime, users can also easily contact their dealership via “MyManitou” to anticipate any work on the machine by a technician. All the necessary documentation is also available, including the warranty, the maintenance contract, and the machine instruction manual.

Thanks to all these features, farmers can draw on all the useful information to understand their machine and adjust their usage to reduce their total cost of ownership. Maxime Deroch, president of the Services & Solutions division, says: “We are very proud to offer our customers this service, which allows them to work without worrying about their machine. They are free to focus on their core business. Benefiting from a connected machine gives them the opportunity to reduce their TCO, save time and improve safety“. This app will be available by the third quarter of 2019.

Two year warranty included

All connected machines ordered are now guaranteed for two years. The user still has the option of extending the warranty by one to four years. This peace of mind can be extended to six years by covering the machine with the maximum warranty extension. or a total of 6,000 hours of use. There are now two levels of cover. The first, “ESSENTIAL COVERAGE”, relates to the engine and transmission and the second, “TOTAL COVERAGE”, concerns all the components, including mechanical, electrical, electronic and hydraulic parts of the machine. With this extended service, Manitou group provides added convenience for farmers using their machine on a daily basis.

Leader & full liner

Thanks to handling solutions tailored to market demands, the Manitou group has consolidated its leadership, particularly in France, with more than 36% of the market share, a figure relayed in AXEMA's publication of the numbers of telehandlers registered in 2018. With a long-established structured dealership network in Europe, the farmers of today and tomorrow have access to specific answers and support services, regardless of their location. The group's new connected ranges and services confirm Manitou group's desire to provide farmers with greater added value. The objectives are clear: to reduce the total cost of ownership for users, reduce the fuel consumption of their machines, and increase their productivity thanks to better performance.

New range of articulated loaders

The new Manitou range comprises eight models. Available throughout Europe from Manitou distributors, these machines are perfectly tailored to agricultural handling needs, such as dairy cattle or beef farms. The tipping load varies from 875 kg to 5 t, for a lifting height of between 2.5 m and 5.20 m. The articulated loaders are easy to maneuver and offer excellent 360° visibility. Two models are equipped with a telescopic boom, the MLA-T 516-75 H and the MLA-T 533-145 V+ (5.20 m lifting height and 3.3 t maximum capacity). The model name suffixes correspond to the respective powers and types of transmission offered on these models, i.e., 75 hp / hydrostatic, and 145 hp / M-Vario Plus.




Wim Roose, marketing and development manager for the agricultural range, explains: “The articulated loader market represents strong potential. With this range and the Manitou brand's reputation in Europe, we are confident that we can provide an effective response to the needs of farmers, with models that give them greater productivity”.

Main technical data of the MLA range

(details for MLA 1-25 H: First series / 25 hp / hydrostatic transmission)



New design for Gehl machines

To make the Gehl brand more recognizable and distinct, the group has revised the colors of its compact and articulated ranges. The cabs and attachments are now black, and the wheel rims are silver gray. There are also new stickers on the cab and articulated arms. Two Gehl articulated loader models show off this new design at SIMA, the best-sellers AL 140 and AL 440.




As a further development, the Gehl AL T-750 telescopic articulated loader is now available in Europe and on the North American continent. Thanks to its very dense network of Manitou dealerships in Europe, the group wants to significantly expand the market for articulated loaders in the medium and long term

New range of Manitou Compact Equipment

The group has drawn inspiration from its existing models of wheel and tracked compact loaders to produce a specific range for the Manitou brand. The stated objective is clear: to expand the market for compact loaders throughout Europe. Already well established in the United States with its Gehl and Mustang by Manitou brands, the group wants to expand this offering to all the farmers of Europe. There are numerous applications: maintenance of green spaces for landscapers with tracked loaders, cleaning of stalls with wheel loaders, etc.



Recently presented at the LAMMA show in England the 2700V skid-steer loader is part of this “Manitou Compact Equipment” range, comprising 16 models in total, 11 wheel loaders and 5 tracked compact loaders.

Preview of an agricultural super compact telehandler!

The Manitou presents a preview of its new agricultural telehandler: the MLT 420-60 H. With a height of 1.94 m and 1.49 m in width, this new machine is one of the most compact on the market. Thanks to its 4 steering modes and its very small turning radius (2.95 m), the MLT 420 can maneuver easily in tight spaces. It makes the perfect partner for bale handling, stall maintenance, and cattle feeding.



The cab's features ― similar to the MLT 625 model ― provide the operator with optimum comfort, and it is quick to master.

This new high-performance MLT is equipped with a 57 hp Kubota Stage V engine and has a load capacity of 2 t for a maximum height of 4.30 m. With 4 wheel drive, mudguards and an automatic radiator dust removal system, this new rough-terrain model is ideally suited to difficult environments: off-road and dusty conditions. Arnaud Boyer, VP marketing and product development, says: “We decided to expand our range of telehandlers by offering an even more compact model. The MLT 420 is the ideal partner for meeting day-to-day agricultural handling needs.”

The machine's TCO has also been optimized, thanks to:

  • easy access to the various engine components, enabling maintenance operations to be carried out rapidly
  • a range of durable, reliable components
  • the model's connectivity allows the operator to understand the machine better and optimize its use.

This preview will be available in Europe and North America in summer 2019.

Eco Stop: controlled fuel consumption

The group is highlighting the Ecostop function, available on most of the Manitou brand's agricultural telehandlers, which was awarded a bronze medal at the Sima Awards 2019.

This option allows the engine to be shut off automatically after a specified period of idling and when the operator is out of the cab. Configurable from one to 30 minutes of inactivity, this function has been designed to meet the needs of all farming applications, always prioritizing user productivity. Eco Stop is activated and deactivated very simply by pressing a DSB (Double Switch Button).

Fuel consumption, preventive maintenance and machine depreciation are greatly optimized. These three components represent 82% of the total cost of ownership of the machine. The Eco Stop function thus reduces the machine's environmental footprint without reducing its productivity.

Arnaud Sochas, product manager for the agricultural range, explains: “Data collected using connected machines show that agricultural machines are idling for on average between 15% and 30% of the time. As an example, on the basis of 15% on a machine used for 1,000 hours per year, the Eco Stop function allows the user to save €4,500* over 3 years.”

High View: a third eye for the farmer




The Manitou group unveils an exclusive preview of the High View feature. This active vision system comprises a camera fitted to the boom head, which automatically sends images to a screen in the cab as soon as the boom passes a certain angle. Very easy to use, this innovation is designed to increase productivity and accuracy for loading and handling applications at height. Bulk loading is quicker and does not require help from a second person to check the filling level of the trailer. In an agricultural setting, robustness is very important, so the High View camera is protected from impacts by a metal frame. It is also waterproof against high-pressure cleaning and dustproof. Equipped with LEDs, this system can also be used at night. Currently available on the MLT Silent Force range (MLT 840/1040/961), this option will soon be offered on the MLT NewAg range.

No more manual greasing with AGS

The automatic greasing system (AGS) is designed to simplify maintenance operations for farmers by putting an end to manual greasing. It also ensures optimal greasing of the major components ( cylinders, boom, axles, etc.), resulting in a reduction in machine downtime. Unlike other automatic greasing systems, the AGS system has three separate greasing circuits with independent programming of the quantity of grease supplied to each cycle. This means that the right quantity of grease is applied to the right area at the right time. This intelligent system is fitted with a low grease level and empty tank warning indicator. It also has a pressure relief valve.

The AGS system automatically greases the chassis (MLT NewAg) or the chassis and boom head (MLT 840/1040/961). CSS: Increased productivity with fewer turns of the wheel

The Comfort Steering System (CSS) already available on the MLT 840/1040 range is now available on the new MLT 961-145 V+ L. Patented by the Manitou group, this innovation is the only intelligent assisted steering system available on a telehandler with 4 wheel steering. A complete change of direction can be achieved with a single turn of the wheel instead of four required previously, resulting in a 12% gain in productivity on loading operations, reducing the number of wheel turns by 37%.

*A saving of 450 hours based on 1,000 hours of use per year over 3 years with the Eco Stop function on the MLT 737 Elite model. A saving of €4,500 calculated on the basis of three components: the residual value at €6/h, i.e., €2,700 (€6 x 450h). A fuel component with consumption calculated using the Manitou Group "REDUCE Fuel " calculator at 2l/h (€1/l), i.e., €900 (€2 x 450h). A third maintenance component at €2/h, i.e., €900 (€2 x 450h).

Constantly evolving machines

The MLT 625, one of the best-sellers in the agricultural range, now has the option of a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Other improvement have been made: a Stage V engine and new standard features (phone holder, Easy Connect System, quick emptying connection, and Eco Mode). When it comes to design, the “Ag Code”, using the aesthetics and color code of the NewAg range, now adorns this model as well as the MLT 840 and 1040. New options are also available: “flow sharing” on all levels of finish, working lights and an LED rotating beacon to provide better lighting and optimal night visibility.




The "Easy Step" feature facilitates access to the cab thanks to a cut out section in the floor, and is included in the Silent Force range (MLT 840/1040/961), as well as the adjustable floating armrest.

Making its debut at Agritechnica, the MLT 961-145 V+ L is now available for order. With the quietest cab on the market (72 dB) thanks to the Silent Force pack and easy cab access with Easy Step, this machine has been designed to enhance the comfort of its users. Dedicated to highly intensive agricultural and agro-industrial applications, this model is especially suitable for cereal growers and cooperatives to optimize the productivity of loading and unloading operations.

A risk prevention tool for farmers

Intense daily use exposes farmers to increased risks in their handling work. In order to reduce them, the Manitou group has provided a platform dedicated to risk prevention and the safety of personnel and property. The “REDUCE Risks” site is intended to offer advice to users via maintenance documents, operating instructions, and a media library of 300 videos explaining how to service a machine, connect attachments, etc. The tool also shows the group's innovations, created with the aim of optimizing safety for farmers, while at the same time reducing noise pollution and limiting the effects of vibrations.

REDUCE Risks aims to guide users in their choice of equipment by considering health and safety. Aude Brézac, Manitou group's CSR manager, says: “A good knowledge of the machine and its attachments is necessary for risk reduction. With REDUCE Risks, we provide farmers with educational material to optimize their driving behavior, paying special attention to their safety. This new site is proof of our group's determination to continue to put CSR at the center of our concerns”.

An attachment for every need

Over a 200 m² dedicated area, Manitou group shows the importance of the machine-attachment relationship. To support farmers in their choices, the group presents three new buckets to meet their needs depending on their machine. The CBA 2500/4000 LDR 2nd generation model is the ideal bucket for cereal growers. With a capacity of 4,000 L for a width of 2.5 m, this tool is the perfect match for high tonnage telehandlers like the MLT 961-145 V+. With a shorter format for better breakout force and a revised dump angle, this attachment is ideal for activities in the wood-energy sector.




A second model designed for the new super compact MLT 420 telehandler is also on display. The CBG 1500/850 MS grab bucket has a capacity of 850 L for a width of 1.5 m. The MLA range of articulated loaders also benefits from dedicated attachments, with a new grab bucket for the MLA 6-65 H-Z and MLA 7-75 H-Z models, with a width of 1.65 m to 2.15 m. New bale clamps and forks are also offered by Manitou group, providing a handling solution for bales that are round or rectangular, wrapped or non-wrapped.