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Weidemann machines with diesel engines will be HVO ready from 2024.

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New opportunities for the use of alternative fuels.

The matter of HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) is everywhere - the search for accessible alternatives to fossil fuels are of particular social relevance internationally. The benefits to the use of HVO are clear: it is possible to reduce CO emissions by around 90 percent compared with diesel application. This likewise results in a clear reduction in particulate matter and emissions. In doing so, the performance of the machines is almost the same when compared with diesel fuel. The technical product development by Weidemann attests very good tolerability to the application of HVO in comprehensive testing and different operational applications. Weidemann machines with diesel engines will therefore be HVO ready from 2024.

In light of this positive background of experience, Weidemann is setting up the initial filling of all machines with HVO with effect from 01/01/2024. The Commercial Director Bernd Apfelbeck welcomes the conversion: “With the HVO-ready machines, we are providing our customers with a very good opportunity to organise their own operation in a more environmentally-friendly way and to be able to trade in a forward-thinking manner. Furthermore, as the manufacturer, we are likewise able to provide a valuable contribution to environmental protection.”

In application, the customer is able to either drive the Weidemann machine with 100 % HVO or use it with a mixture of HVO and diesel. However, the machine can continue to be operated entirely with diesel.

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