More functions for LEMKEN front tanks

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The LEMKEN SprayHub front tank can now be used with the SprayKit application unit and a rear-mounted hoeing machine for band spraying during hoeing.

The combination of both implements can help to reduce farmers' workloads by up to 60 per cent. For the upcoming season, the SprayHub and SprayKit have been equipped with new functions like an electrical single-row deactivation via ISOBUS which enables row-by-row automatic section control by means of GPS. In addition, there is also a version of the SprayKit for under-root fertilisation with the Azurit precision seed drill.

The SprayHub front tank is equipped with its own controls, agitator and cleaning system. It is ISOBUS-controlled and can be operated via the “iQblue spray” software. The SprayHub has a 1,100 or 1,500 litre tank volume and is fitted with a clean water tank, a hand wash tank and a filling filter. There is an additional induction nozzle to help break up solid materials. A CTS connection for contactless induction is also available.

Depending on the model, the SprayHub can be used for band spraying on up to 28 rows with EC-Weeder hoeing machines. It is possible to have two nozzles per row here so that the herbicide can be sprayed from the side and under the leaves of the crops. Another area of application is for liquid fertilisation with a duck-foot share done in the immediate vicinity of the crops. The SprayKit for LEMKEN Azurit precision seed drills with up to eight rows can be used for under-root fertilisation with a double disc coulter.

The SprayHub front tank can be flexibly combined with a wide range of different machines. The SprayKit can be adjusted to any specific application.

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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