Broadcast of “On the way up” program dedicated to environmental and social issues

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Manitou Group, a world reference in the handling, aerial work platforms and earth moving sectors, presents the third edition of its program dedicated to sustainability issues.

The event featured numerous testimonials from internal and external stakeholders, reflecting the Group's ambition to “set the world in motion”.

Followed in over 40 countries, the third edition of “On the way up” tackles three key challenges for Manitou Group: transformation, human resources and ecology.

Given the importance of these challenges and the need to act collectively to meet them, Manitou Group is giving the floor to a number of internal and external stakeholders. Over the course of an hour, experts, educational leaders, stakeholders, employees and directors of the company detail how the world is changing and how the Group will continue to transform itself: changing economic models and stakeholder relations, ecological transition, regenerative economy, positive impact on the planet, diversity, professional equality and well-being at work.

Aude Brézac, CSR Vice-President for Manitou Group, explains: "Because the way forward is far from obvious for every company in the face of the many challenges it faces, it's important to share collectively on our learning, our progress, and our inspirations. With “On the way up”, presenting all these initiatives surrounded by experts and stakeholders enables us to accelerate, to see further ahead, to imagine the future and to invent new ways of thinking. We're continuing our momentum, we're anticipating, and we want to let people know: we're helping to set the world in motion!"

The replay of the video is available to watch again on the Group's YouTube channel by clicking here.

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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