New loading docks inauguration

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Manitou Group, a world reference in the handling, aerial work platforms and earth moving sectors, has unveiled new loading docks and a new facility dedicated to final inspection of its machines produced in Ancenis.

This investment is part of an overall project to redevelop our French industrial sites, with the aim of significantly and sustainably improving working conditions for our employees and service providers, in the interests of performance.

Opened in the presence of local councilors and the media, the Ancenis site's loading docks now occupy a volume of 2,500 m². Equipped with 8 secure docks, construction of this building is justified by strong growth of the Group's business, and a further increase in the flow of trucks loading machines.

Work began in the first quarter of 2022 and was completed less than a year later. With a budget of €3.7 million, the group has modernized its facilities to optimize loading and unloading operations for carriers, as David Bechemilh, Manitou Group Transport & Customs Manager, explains: “We have redesigned our flow management to improve safety on a site where pedestrians, forklift drivers and trucks cross paths. These new facilities give us a more defined perimeter, so that the different flows no longer intersect. Local logistics teams have also equipped the docks with reinforced security systems.”

To meet its emissions reduction targets, the Group has also incorporated a solar panel roof covering more than 1,300 m². Almost 30 people currently work in these new facilities, where more than 50 machines are shipped worldwide every day.

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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