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Dealer delivers 100th tractor just three years since signing with Steyr®

Agro Napló
One of the premier dealers for STEYR® Traktoren in Poland is celebrating the sale of its 100th STEYR tractor since signing to sell and support the brand just three years ago.


AgroPerfekt, which is headquartered in the north of the country, at Kisielice, was founded in 2007. Four years later, its business had grown to such an extent that it was decided to open a second branch at Działdowo, around 80km to the south-east of the headquarters. In 2020, the business became a STEYR dealer through both of its outlets, and today it offers multiple lines of farm equipment through both branches, with machinery for both arable and livestock farmers, but its core tractor franchise is STEYR.

The business's 100th STEYR tractor sale was a 4110 MULTI model, which produces a maximum 110hp. It was purchased by Karolina and Piotr Kołodziejscy, who run a 50ha family arable and livestock farm at Susz, in the Iława district. They are new customers of STEYR and of AgroPerfekt, but Mr Kołodziejscy says his choice was influenced by a number of factors.

“This is our first STEYR tractor, and the first machine we have bought from AgroPerfekt, but the decisions we made to work with the dealer and to choose this tractor were based on a number of factors,” he explains.



"Our proximity to the AgroPerfekt headquarters was a key influence, as our farm is not far from the depot, but we were also encouraged by the recommendations we had received from other customers of the company. They spoke of its professional and reliable sales service, and that has proved true in our experience of the business. The attractive financing solutions offered by CNH Industrial Capital also helped to convince us this was the right dealer and the right tractor for us.”

Peter Friis, Head of STEYR Europe Commercial Operations, says he is especially pleased to have seen the relationship between STEYR and AgroPerfekt become so successful.

“It's particularly appropriate that the company's 100th STEYR sale is of a MULTI, a versatile all-round tractor designed to exactly match a wide range of needs. Manufactured at our St. Valentin plant in Austria, it was developed in co-operation with farmers, who have had direct input into its design, particularly in terms of cab luxury, quietness and all-round vision, plus comfort features such as front axle suspension and the Multicontroller armrest. The Multi is powerful enough for tough loader and mower jobs and working with heavy mounted equipment, while featuring a low centre of gravity and excellent maneuverability so it can handle the most challenging terrain. With dealers of the caliber of AgroPerfekt supporting the STEYR brand, I'm confident that existing and potential customers will find their investment in any of the tractors in the STEYR range will be backed by a professional point of contact when they require any support.” 

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