Trelleborg Unveils New Adaptive Tire Management System at SIMA

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Trelleborg officially reveals its Adaptive Tire Management System (ATMS) at SIMA 2022. The ATMS could revolutionize today's agriculture industry by increasing crop productivity while improving efficiency, alleviating the industry's biggest challenge: feeding an ever-growing world.

Awarded the bronze medal at the SIMA Innovation Awards, the new Trelleborg ATMS represents the future of agriculture by bringing smart farming to everyday operations. The system acquires real-time tire data for ultimate tractor performance through its sensors, mounted on a tire integrated support.

The new ATMS detects the tire working conditions including each tire's dynamic load, pressure, and temperature. While working, the farmer is constantly informed on how to fully optimize the tractor configuration in each operation through the most appropriate tire inflation pressure for an optimized footprint and reduced soil compaction, and the correct tractor ballast and implementation set-up for improved drivability on the road, greater traction and lower rolling resistance.

Gianluca Abbati, Vice President Technology & Innovation at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “We work hard to make sure farmers can produce more while using fewer resources. That means leveraging new technologies where they need it most. Smart farming and sustainable agriculture must rely on accurate, real-time data. Trelleborg ATMS is a real market differentiator, providing the most important data to achieve a cost-effective agribusiness, by maximizing vehicle operations, reducing working time and fuel consumption.”

At booth D065 visitors will be able to see a huge digital installation representing a real-size tractor showing how the new Trelleborg ATMS works in different scenarios.

Another tire solution on display for the first time at SIMA is the new Trelleborg HF1000, the next generation implement tire. Specially designed for increasing load capacity on large forage wagons and slurry tankers, the new HF1000 is the perfect tire with unrivaled efficiency for demanding applications.

With its VF casing and steel belted structure, this tire ensures long durability and superior performance both in the field and on the road. Even under maximum stress when a vehicle is fully loaded, its innovative tread pattern ensures up to a 12.5% wider footprint compared to a premium competitor, ensuring efficient load distribution and maximum respect for the soil. In wet off-road conditions, the new HF1000 tread design includes an outstanding self-cleaning feature, resulting in up to 40% more for improved drivability, stability, and overall tire performance versus a premium competitor.

As a leading expert in tire and complete wheel solutions, Trelleborg brings to SIMA its patented agricultural TW rim profile used for modern and large agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines, and harvesters. It ensures enhanced performance, easier fitting, and inflation of low-pressure tires.

At booth D065 Trelleborg experts will be there to advise on how to improve farming operations with innovative tire solutions including TM1000 ProgressiveTraction®. This is a multi-award winning tire, capable of providing superior load capacity, reduced soil compaction, and unbeatable traction. Alongside it will be PneuTrac®, specifically designed for vineyards and orchards, which combines the advantages of a radial agricultural tire in terms of fuel efficiency, comfort, and handling, with the footprint and traction benefits of a track.

To find out more about Trelleborg's agriculture tire solutions visit our tire experts in person at SIMA in hall 7, Booth D065, or go to

SIMA 2022 is the international exhibition of solutions and technologies for efficient and sustainable agriculture, which is celebrating its centenary in Paris, France, from November 6 to November 10, 2022. With attendees from all areas of the profession, the trade fair will cement its position as a leader in the sector with a new approach, extended content, and enhanced showcasing of innovations across the agricultural sector.

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