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EnergyDecentral 2022: Alternative energy supply in focus

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In view of the current discussions about the security of international energy supply in Germany and other countries, the EnergyDecentral trade fair will be playing a pivotal role this year.

As the leading trade fair for decentralized energy, EnergyDecentral held parallel to EuroTier from November 15 to 18, 2022, not only maps the entire value chain of sustainable energy production, it also puts the focus on the opportunities of decentralized energy in the provision of a long-term and sustainable energy supply. The organizer DLG (German Agricultural Society) expects around 1,600 exhibitors from 55 countries for EuroTier / EnergyDecentral. The technical program not only delivers numerous expert conferences in Hanover but also offers digital professional events starting in October on the platform www.DLG-Connect.com. The guiding theme of the EuroTier trade fair, which is accessible to visitors to EnergyDecentral, is "Transforming Animal Farming".
"In the current debate about alternative energy supply concepts, decentralized and regenerative energy sources play a prominent role. Our trade fair with its technical program at EnergyDecentral is dedicated to this topic and will showcase high-tech processes and technical solutions for the optimal use of solar, wind, biogas, biomethane and wood fuel, as well as their storage and utilization," says Marcus Vagt, project manager of EnergyDecentral.
According to a recent survey (June 2022), interest among potential visitors is currently high: around 98 percent of the farmers surveyed from both Germany and abroad are planning to visit the trade fair, and 62 percent are already certain that they will attend the EuroTier / EnergyDecentral trade fairs in Germany.
Leading trade fair as an industry venue: exhibitor database now online
Numerous market leaders as well as young innovative companies and start-ups from the decentralized energy sector will be represented at EnergyDecentral.
Companies already registered include agriKomp, BayWa, Energy2market, Enertrag, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe, Fachverband Biogas, Fliegl Agrartechnik, Fröling Heizkessel- und Behälterbau, Jenbacher Innio, John Deere Walldorf, Next2Sun Technology, NWind, Prodeval, Ruhe Biogas Service, Solarstone, Suma Rührtechnik, VDMA Power Systems, Vogelsang, ZUWA-Zumpe and 2G Energy.
Future-oriented energy industry presented in Hanover
"Powering New Ideas" - decentralized heat and power generation is an important segment in the energy portfolio of many businesses, not just in agriculture. In its technical program, EnergyDecentral will show where the journey is headed in a dedicated DLG Spotlight, at forum events with presentations by international experts and discussion panels as well as on the DLG Connect digital platform:

  • The use of photovoltaics to cover the farm's own electricity consumption is an integral part of the operation on many farms today. Farmers generally have plenty of free space on animal housing structures, barns and bunker silos. The demand for electricity on farms with livestock is significant and continues to rise as a result of the increasing electrification of working machines and vehicle fleets. Agrivoltaics offers an opportunity to produce both food and solar power simultaneously on agricultural land while floating PV systems enable the expansion of renewable energies without taking up land areas.
  • EnergyDecentral presents complete solutions for the anaerobic digestion of biomass and biogas treatement and shows which economic concepts are available as an alternative to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) in Germany coming to an end, which offered a guaranteed fixed price over a period of 20 years. The new technologies should not only provide electricity, heat and fuels as flexibly as possible, but also ensure greater independence thanks to innovative power-to-gas concepts. The topic of hydrogen will also be in focus, as agriculture in particular offers great potential for sustainable green hydrogen. New technologies will enable the supply electricity, heat and fuels as flexibly as possible while also moving towards greater independence thanks to innovative power-to-gas concepts.
  • In agriculture, renewable solid fuels offer one way of reducing dependency on costly heating while being able to supply heating networks with peak loads. Whether logs, wood chips or pellets, the fully automatic biomass combustion systems offer plenty of scope for savings - the latest technologies for efficient and low-emission furnaces are in demand.
  • CHP technology is the pillar of a standard residual load supply for decentralized energy systems. Components, lubricants and services in the power range from 20 kW to 2 MW will be presented at EnergyDecentral. Due to the high demand for maintenance and service as well as increasing requirements for compliance with emissions, the need for components and operating materials is also growing.
  • Municipal suppliers and public utilities have already started to turn surplus electricity into clean gas. CHP technology for the direct conversion of hydrogen and natural gas into electricity with simultaneous production of heat is one answer to the transformation toward a sustainable energy supply.


BIOGAS Convention - digital edition in the run-up to EnergyDecentral
The future biogas market will be discussed at the "BIOGAS Convention" trade congress organized by the German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas), which will be held digitally this year in the run-up to EnergyDecentral from November 7 to 11, 2022. The world's largest biogas industry venue offers the latest industry information, technology trends and business perspectives. The technical program includes additional presentations and expert discussions at EnergyDecentral in Hanover.
Innovation Awards at EnergyDecentral
As organizer of EnergyDecentral, the DLG will be presenting two awards recognizing engineering prowess: ‘Innovation Award EnergyDecentral' and ‘DLG Agrifuture Concept Winner'. Honouring the outstanding importance of the industry in shaping a sustainable energy supply, the two awards cover both visionary concepts and market ready solutions for practical use.
An independent jury, the DLG commission, will be evaluating entries, resulting in an "Innovation Award EnergyDecentral" in either gold or silver for innovations with a new process or a known process that has been significantly improved. Concepts for decentralized energy supply with relevance and potential for improving efficiency and environmental compatibility are candidates for the new award ‘DLG-Agrifuture Concept Winners'. The award honors concept and visions that have not yet reached market maturity and are still under development.
Partner trade fair EuroTier
EnergyDecentral is integrated into the agricultural livestock sphere of EuroTier, the world's leading trade fair for animal farming and livestock management. This successful concept exploits the synergies between agriculture and bioenergy. This covers the breadth of technological developments in the area of substrate processing and management of biofuels for energy production.

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