BASF once again opens applications for financing startup and innovators' solutions in Hungary

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BASF Innovation Hub is intended for start-ups and innovators dealing with clean energy, smart transportation and farm to fork strategies. Local round of the events started and lasts until 16th September, followed by the finals in November. Series of hybrid events are being held in 11 countries of Central and Southeast Europe, among which is Hungary.

BASF – the world's largest chemical company and European leader in research and development will once again gather start-ups and innovators from 11 countries of Central and Southeast Europe, among Hungary, for BASF Innovation Hub series of start-up pitch events, in order to enable them to reach financial support. This year the main topic – Renewables is addressing Green Deal questions and is focused on the solutions to key environmental challenges of today.

“All the goals of European countries, which are aimed at reducing the harmful effects on the environment, are very commendable. Renewables play a key role in this important transition, because they're made from resources that nature will replace, like wind, water and sunshine. With enviable awareness, we can become the first climate-neutral block of countries ever in the near future. Among the rest, the European Commission has enacted the Green Deal as a collection of measures for reaching a sustainable economy, and it is our duty to support the solutions which will enable it. Innovation Hub is a direct example of good practice of supporting the Green Deal”, Dr. Thomas Narbeshuber, Managing Director of BASF Hungária Kft.

Applications for BASF Innovation Hub just started and last until 16th September at midnight. In the first phase of the project, the panel of judges will choose the best idea in Hungary and Austria joint group. In November the winning idea will be presented at the big BASF Innovation Hub finals along with the most successful solutions from other countries.

The winner of the local event is awarded EUR 2,500 gross, and the best idea of the regional round is awarded EUR 5,000 gross.

The possibility of obtaining financial support will be given to the innovators and start-up teams of up to five members. The basic requirement for participation is that the idea directly or indirectly contributes to creating solutions to key environmental challenges of today, of which the most important are clean energy, smart transportation and farm to fork strategy.

Dr. Thomas Narbeshuber reminds us that the lack of financial means is often the main reason why individual ideas never get materialized and points out that BASF wants to give even a slight chance to start-ups and innovators: “Postulates of the Green Deal are rather broad so we believe that numerous innovators will recognize that precisely their idea matches the projects aims. Whether we are talking about solar energy and CDR batteries, smart transportation or the most affordable and healthiest ways to produce food, BASF will give financial aid to support the development of the best idea”, pointed out Dr. Narbeshuber.

Further information on the contest, requirements and the manner of applying are available on the web page

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