Trelleborg boosts the eucalyptus forestry business with the launch of the new T418 High Power tires at Show Florestal

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Trelleborg is giving the eucalyptus business a boost with the launch of its new T418 High Power tire at Show Florestal, from May 24 to 26, 2022, in Tres Lagoas, Brazil.

T418 High Power tires are designed to perform on the tough terrain found in eucalyptus forestry applications, with unbeaten traction and increased stability to increase productivity and support sustainability. 

Marcelo Natalini, President of Trelleborg Wheel Systems South America, says: “Our tire expertise and innovation is embedded into our advanced solutions across the highly specialized range of tires for the agriculture and forestry sectors. As a tire expert, Trelleborg anticipates customers' needs, providing high performance, ecosystem friendly tire solutions. We understand that eucalyptus trees play a major role in the Brazilian economy and cover more that 5.5 million hectares of land. Our new T418 High Power tires, T410 Agroforest tires and Twin Forestry 480 range of tires are designed to support forestry professionals in this vital industry.”

Specially designed for log skidding service with maximum cut and tear resistance, the T418 High Power tire has armored plies and a steel belt that protect the carcass against stumps, boulders and rocks to provide longer tire life under the most severe operating conditions. The enhanced product design is available in 35.5L-32TL, with a 30 ply rating and 30.5L-32TL, with a 32 ply rating.

Visitors to Trelleborg's stand will be able to see the new T418 High Power tire, along with the T410 Agroforest tire that provides optimal performance for agricultural and forestry applications and field use where comfort and traction are required, and the Twin Forestry 480 tire range with its transverse grooves and wide flat profile for unmatched track grip and reduced impact on the forest soil.

For more information on Trelleborg's range of forestry tires visit

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