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New cab, controls and connectivity for second-generation STEYR® Terrus CVT

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With a fresh cab design, revised styling, re-thought controls and advanced connectivity technology, there is now a new generation of Terrus CVT tractors topping the STEYR line. The launch of the new 250-300hp range marks the brand's continued push to offer models with the highest levels of quality, comfort and technology, to make the job of farming easier, more efficient and more productive.

As with the previous range, introduced in 2015, the Terrus CVT line – built at the St. Valentin plant in Austria – comprises three models (250/270/300hp nominal/rated power), all driving through the STEYR CVT transmission. However, beyond this many of the tractors' features are unique to the newgeneration Terrus CVT. This includes the new cab with completely revised interior, including a new Multicontroller III armrest, configurable controls, Infomat 1200 touchscreen monitor, tablet engine/transmission instrumentation and – for the first time – STEYR S-Fleet telematics with instanttwo-way data transfer.

Style combined with substance

Looks and style are important elements of modern tractors, and externally the new Terrus CVT shows the influence of STEYR's ‘avantgarde' design philosophy, to create a premium on-board experience for a premium tractor. Those looks are matched by features that are equally cutting-edge, focused around operator experience, handling, implement control and precision farming, all connected and customisable to different applications and preferences.

Ascending the new entrance area into the cab, operators will find a key feature is the all-new Multicontroller III armrest. This incorporates a redesigned multi-function Multicontroller lever, customizable controls including remote valve paddles with LED colour indication – allowing operators to set up their Terrus CVT according to preference – and the new ISOBUS-compatible Infomat 1200 touchscreen monitor. The high-resolution Infomat 1200 provides an overview of all tractor functions, and allows operation and optimisation of the hydraulics, PTO, engine and transmission using either  the touchscreen, new encoder turn-and-press dial or short-cut keys. In addition, it can show camera feeds, to monitor implements at the rear or the front view from road junctions, for example.

Infomat 1200 not only incorporates next-generation S-Guide guidance management, but also new SFleet telematics capabilities, eliminating any need for manual/USB data recording/transfer. Tractor and implement operating data are recorded instantly and automatically, and are accessible on the farm PC via the MySTEYR.com web portal, or the S-Fleet mobile app on the manager/owner's smart device. It's also possible to see machine location and monitor performance indicators, allowing observation of when fuel supplies may be needed, for example. Two-way data transfer means data and instructions such as field maps can also be sent to the tractor from a smart device or PC.

If the owner chooses to give permission, their STEYR dealer can also monitor tractors fitted with SFleet. This can allow the dealer to, for example, spot early warning signs of any faults, and provide remote service access, thanks to S- Fleet Remote Support. With this feature dealers can even supply software upgrades remotely if required. In addition, they can provide operator in cab support via the SFleet Remote View, connecting to the Infomat 1200 screen directly anytime, anywhere.

New levels of comfort and control

From the operator's seat, the new styling also benefits visibility. The four-pillar panorama cab design incorporates large windows, lowered rear fenders, high-visibility roof hatch and one-piece front windscreen with an upper curved edge and 27% increased swept area through a low mount wiper design. Vision can be aided by LED road and work light packages, with up to 14 lights in the roof, four in the front of the cab, two on the rear fenders and four in the bonnet.

A new pressurized climate system features more louvres and auto-zone control. Noise levels have been reduced to 66 decibels, aided by premium automotive soft interior materials. New seating incorporates cooling, heating and a swivelling backrest, and comfort is further enhanced by a new drive pedal, for precise control from inching to field to road travel. There is also more space and storage, including an integral coolbox under the seat sufficient for a lunchbox and two 2-litre bottles. Multiple in-cab sockets support connectivity, both of implement monitors and of media.

The new Terrus CVT is available in two specification packages, in addition to ‘Custom' models that can be tailor-made in typical STEYR fashion, with ‘à la carte' features to suit exact needs. The first package, ‘Evolution', comprises features including 165 or 220 l/min hydraulics, four-speed PTO, electronic park brake, Deluxe or Active Luxury cab options with air conditioning, passenger seat and cab suspension, front axle suspension, Easy Tronic II headland management and S-Guide auto  guidance options, plus ISOBUS Class II or III options. The top ‘Excellence' specification offers the same features, but also adds premium speakers, five electro-hydraulic rear remote valves and a standard Power Beyond feature.

“Since 2015, the Terrus CVT has been a huge success for us in the 250-300hp sector,” says Petern Friis, STEYR Head of Commercial Operations in Europe. “Now we have a new range that takes us even further forward in technology, capacity and capability.

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