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Weidemann continues its expansion course with new premises

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Since the company's foundation in 1960, Weidemann GmbH has had several spatial changes to accommodate its continuous growth.
The new Weidemann administration building with neighbouring training centre and technology centre.

It moved from its original site, a village forge in the North Hessian Diemelsee-Flechtdorf, in the 1970s to the village border to satisfy the demand increase for machinery in larger factory buildings. This location was subsequently further expanded in stages until in 2007, it was possible to take another large company step with the opening of a completely new production factory, including a powder-coating and painting plant in the neighbouring Korbach.

To satisfy the increased structures and the then over 600-strong workforce, Weidemann planned and implemented a complete new-build from the ground up. From this point forward, all company activities at the Korbach site were amalgamated: with the new build of a large administration building, training centre and very well-equipped technology centre for production development, another milestone was written into the company's history. Furthermore, there is a test track on the same plot and a new delivery centre in planning, which will be finished in the near future.

“The focus on a company site provides us with geographical proximity and a great efficiency within the working procedures. The new-build with its modern office areas and most up-to-date media technology will open up new perspectives within the team-oriented collaboration. At Weidemann, we are really excited about this important step and the opportunities arising as a result of this”, says the Commercial Managing Director, Bernd Apfelbeck.

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