MAXIMA 3: the new range of pneumatic precision seed drills

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KUHN innovates with the official launch of the new MAXIMA 3 range. This range of precision seed drills meets all the requirements of modern farm operations. It includes models from 6 to 12 rows for drilling maize, sunflower, beetroot and other crops with spacings from 37.5 to 80 cm.

There are 12 different models in the new range: telescopic, trailed, foldable and telescopic with adjustable spacing.

New MAXIMA 3 seed drills provide optimum seeding precision at speeds of up to 10 kph. A new reinforced seeding unit with parallelogram ensures service life and robustness unequalled on the market. Another important new feature is the 180 kg coulter pressure system that provides perfect depth control.

Some MAXIMA 3 models come with electrically driven metering units. This feature provides many advantages:

  • Application rate adjustment from the tractor cab
  • Application rate adjustment with prescription map
  • GPS or manual row shut-off
  • Simplified seed drill settings

The new ISOBUS CCI 1200 terminal is adapted to the new MAXIMA 3 and allows viewing two different interfaces on the same screen for optimum seeding management.

The new MAXIMA 3 range also comes with a wide choice of equipment to meet all of your needs. The adaptability of the range is one of KUHN's differentiating features on the market. Front, intermediary and rear equipment enables users to control their working environment perfectly with improved plant residue management.

The launch of KUHN's innovative, versatile and high-performance new range will provide maximum satisfaction to farmers, contractors and machinery cooperatives alike.

Címlapkép: Getty Images
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