The best technology mix in its class

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Whether it's a small, medium or large enterprise, a contractor or a local authority, whether ploughing, cultivating, transporting, harvesting crops or municipal work – tractors have to match the enterprise and working profile 100 %. DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the new 6 Series with this in mind. With 12 models from 156 HP/115 kW to 226 HP/166 kW, two wheelbases, three transmission variants, two cab types in different comfort levels and countless feature options, the new 6 Series offers an excellent technology mix in the higher performance class.

Agricultural professionals can choose between three transmission versions: The Powershift models with manual five-speed transmission with six forward and three reverse steps (30+15 gears, 54+27 gears with creeper). The RCShift models are equipped with a new, fully automatic five-speed transmission with six forward and three reverse steps (30+15 gears, 54+27 gears with creeper). Thanks to the intelligent, adaptive transmission control, the tractor adapts to the user rather than vice versa. The tried and tested TTV transmissions offer maximum shifting comfort with continuous speed variation. They cover a speed range from 0.2 km/h to 40 km/h or 50 km/h and now run a new software for even more efficient handling. On all transmissions, 40 km/h or 50 km/h road speeds are  achieved at a reduced engine speed for maximum fuel saving and enhanced comfort. All transmission functions are easy to operate, easy to program and easy to monitor with the integrated displays.

The bright and friendly MaxiVision cab sets standards when it comes to all-round visibility and ease of operation. The new InfoCentrePro in the steering console is equipped with a 5” colour display. It shows all current operating data and can easily be adapted to the driver's information requirements. The arm rest with the MaxCom  control  is  new, with a very convenient operating position.  Also available with an optional 40,000 lumen LED light package with up to 16 work lights for precise work in all light conditions. Cab and bonnet are separated which significantly reduces noise, vibration and heat. The new air conditioning system runs quietly and efficiently , ensuring even air distribution which is unique in this class.

Three cab roof designs are available for all models: a green polycarbonate roof, a glass roof with UV absorption or the FOPS safety version for optimum visibility and safety during front loader work.

Customers can choose between several comfort levels and a variety of technical feature options for the cab: the standard MaxiVision 2 cab for all TTV models or the RCShift models with electro-hydraulic control valves, the MaxiVision Cab for the RCShift and Powershift models with mechanical control valves. On all models, mechanical or electro-hydraulic control can be selected for front loader and front hydraulic system.

The new Deutz 6.1 l engine not only meets emissions class Tier4 Final but also offers a higher reserve torque and a higher start-up torque – all with 5 % lower fuel and AdBlue consumption compared to the previous models. The new electronic viscous fan and the new patented cooling system increase efficiency, and the new light weight constructions means it  can be opened fully for easy maintenance.

The intelligent, adaptive suspension system on the front axle is also unique to the 6 Series., ensuring maximum stability in all operations.. The innovative anti-dive system provides stability and safe driving during transport tasks. The new 6 Series is the only standard tractor to feature optional dry high-performance disc brakes on the front axle (6205 and 6215 TTV). Together with the brake booster, guaranteeing the highest possible braking power with the lowest pedal pressure.

The new front axle of the 6 Series with an intelligent, adaptive suspension is also unique in this performance class. It supports maximum stability during heavy draft operations. The innovative Anti-dive system ensures stability and safety during transport. The 6 Series is the only standard tractor that is fitted with high performance dry disc brakes on the front axle (6205 and 6215 TTV). In combination with the Booster brake system, it guarantees maximum braking performance with the lightest pedal pressure.

With four rear PTO speeds (540/540E/1000/1000E) and 1000 or 1000E at the front, all tasks can be completed efficiently. ECO mode can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The new 6 Series can be optionally equipped with the latest DEUTZ-FAHR Precision Farming systems. The central control element is unique in its size and function: the iMonitor 2.0 with 8” or 12” display.

Thanks to the great range of features, the new 6 Series from DEUTZ-FAHR offers agricultural enterprises the opportunity to create their own perfect technology mix in this tractor class.

The new 6 Series at a glance:

  • The best technology mix in its class
  • Many optional features
  • 12 models from 156 HP/115 kW to 226 HP/166 kW
  • Three transmission options: Powershift, RCShift (fully automatic shifting), TTV
  • 40 or 50 km/h top speed at extremely reduced engine speed (SuperECO)
  • New control elements and comfort functions
  • Engines with enhanced performance for Tier4 Final emissions
  • New full aluminium cooling group and patented opening system
  • Adaptive front axle suspension
  • Exclusive braking system with external dry disc brakes and brake booster
  • All electro-hydraulic control valves can be proportionally controlled
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