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State-of-the-art compact tractors

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The DEUTZ-FAHR innovation campaign continues in 2017: shortly after the update for the mid-range tractors of the 6 and 7 Series, DEUTZ-FAHR presents two new ranges in the sector of compact tractors.

The new 5 Series consists of three models with an engine output from 108 to 124 HP, designed for all agricultural and municipal tasks which require a high measure of versatility and place high demands on operating, driving and working convenience.

The new 5G Series ranges just below this with 74 to 116 HP. With a total of seven models it offers a wide selection and numerous useful options which can be individually tailored depending on the size of the enterprise and the application. This makes the new range the first choice for any production sector, from field work to loader work, forestry applications and municipal use.

On all models in the 5 and 5G Series, the driver's cabs are now equipped with the Hydro Silent-Block suspension which reduces noise and vibrations by up to 40%. Eight work lights on the cab roof and on the side posts as well as two work lights in the bonnet ensure the best possible illumination of the working area. The 5 Series features additional LED lights in the bonnet.

A very comfortable cab environment is equipped with new operating elements for the auxiliary valve controls, allowing more comfortable and precise operation. It is now possible to store two engine speeds for routine tasks.

The gear shifting operation has been re-designed and is now even smoother and more precise, with the introduction of a Bowden cable system.

Three roof designs are available for all models: a closed standard roof with FOPS safety feature, a roof with an open-view window or a polycarbonate opening roof with FOPS, for the best possible visibility during front loader operations.

The engine output has increased by 5% for all models, while fuel consumption and emissions are reduced even further. All engines now comply with the Tier4 Final emissions standard.

This applies to the compact Deutz 3.6 4-cylinder engines with DOC and SCR system for the 5 Series as well as for the FARMotion 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines with SCR system from the 5G Series, which was specially designed for agricultural use. On all models, efficiency is improved through the PowerCore air filter and the cooling system with a viscous fan (optional).

The 5 Series uses a highly efficient five-speed transmission with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle with up to four gear ranges and two or three powershift speeds (20 - 60 forward and reverse gears). The following options are available for the 5G Series: four or five speed transmission, mechanical or electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and two or three powershift speeds (8 - 60 forward and reverse gears). The maximum speed of 40 km/h is achieved at a reduced engine speed (depending on model and version).

The new front axle concept of the 5 and 5G Series further improves agility and traction. The new 5 Series now also features a front axle suspension which combines maximum safety with excellent driving comfort. The SDD quick steering system, which halves the steering wheel turns, is available for all models. Oil-bath disc brakes on all four wheels and a mechanical or hydraulic parking brake are a proven feature of the DEUTZ-FAHR low to mid hp sector. Electro-hydraulic engagement of 4-wheel drive and differential lock comes as a standard for all models. Optionally available wheel weights provide maximum stability, balance and traction.

The new hydraulic systems of the 5 and 5G Series provide an even greater versatility. Three hydraulic systems are available: 55, 60 Eco or 90 l/min. The 90 litre system can be combined with four auxiliary high-flow valve controls on request. With four PTO speeds (540/540E/1000/1000E), the new 5 and 5G Series offer far more than average tractors in this category. A maximum rear lifting capacity of up to 5,410 kg is possible along with 2,100 kg at the front linkage.

Features such as powershuttle, stop&go and SDD quick steering, high traction power, ideal visibility of all working areas and the fully integrated front loader system with powershift function make the new 5 and 5G Series the ideal loader tractor. Suitable front loader attachments are available for all models directly from the factory.

With the new 5 and 5G Series, DEUTZ-FAHR offers a large selection of models and individual options for increasing the productivity of agricultural, forestry and municipal enterprises of all sizes.

The new 5 and 5G Series at a glance:

  • 5 Series: The comfort class in the compact class
  • 5G Series: Compact tractor with maximum adaptability
  • Cabs with Hydro Silent-Block suspension
  • New control elements and comfort functions
  • Three roof designs
  • Tier4 Final engines with increased power
  • Various transmission options
  • New front axle and brake concept
  • Three hydraulic systems available
  • Four PTO speeds
  • Ideal front loader tractors
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