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DEUTZ-FAHR has always offered its customers state-of-the-art technical solutions, supplying farmers and farming contractors all over the world with machines which simplify their work and maximise their productivity, thanks to the brand's advanced technological developments and exceptional levels of comfort and reliability. The machines in DEUTZ-FAHR's export-oriented Global Range offer unrivalled robustness, durability and ease-of-use; these attributes are cleverly combined with a design which is modern and functional yet extremely comfortable.

DEUTZ-FAHR 3042 E: simple and robust

The models in the DEUTZ-FAHR 3E family are simplicity personified. These machines are powered by an economical and reliable Simpson 3-cylinder naturally aspirated, direct injection engine, characterised by its extremely reliable performance at a top engine speed of just 2000 rpm. DEUTZ-FAHR 3E machines are simple, yet incredibly comfortable. All models are very affordably priced, delivering a rapid return on investment for even the smallest farms. The 8+2 transmission delivers a top speed of 30 km/h; the open-centre hydraulic system and the 540 rpm PTO ensure compatible connection with all types of equipment. Safety is guaranteed thanks to the wet disc brakes and the mechanically controlled parking brake.

DEUTZ-FAHR 4075 E: the ultimate productivity tool

Available on 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive models, the 4E range is characterised by its high efficiency and excellent manoeuvrability, while also offering a modern and truly comfortable design. The very compact design of all these machines makes them perfect even for specialised crop work with wide planting densities; thanks to their optimal power to weight ratio, their high performance PTO and incredibly powerful hydraulic system, the tractors in the 4E range boast excellent engine consumption and efficiency. The 4E range features perfect weight distribution, differentials which can be fully locked via a mechanical control, and high ground clearance, making them highly versatile machines which guarantee a high level of performance in all farm work.

The range includes 5 models: the first 4 models – the 4050 E, 4055 E, 4065 E and 4075 E – are equipped with 3-cylinder engines from the SDF 1000.3 family, (delivering 50, 62, 72 and 82 hp respectively), while the 4080 E model is equipped with a 4-cylinder SDF 1000.4 with an output of 80 hp. All these engines deliver a rapid power output even at low speeds; they also feature electronic controls, enabling the operator to set and recall a specific engine speed and maintain this speed constantly afterwards. The exclusive SDF system featuring a single pump for each cylinder (a real advance compared with traditional rotary pumps) ensures instant injection, for rapid power output in all operating conditions.

The 5-speed gearbox with 3 ranges features a synchronised mechanical reverse shuttle and an underdrive, boasting 30 forward gears and 15 reverse gears. Its top speed is 40 km/h. The standard power take off features an independent mechanical control with a dedicated clutch; an eco mode (540 ECO) is available in addition to the standard 540 rpm mode; the ground speed PTO is also available as standard.

The hydraulic system on the 4E range is equipped with two independent pumps as standard: the first pump has a flow rate of 42 l/min and controls the rear lift and the 4-way or 6-way auxiliary distributors (depending on the model), while the second pump is dedicated to the power steering system. The powerful rear hydraulic lift has a maximum capacity of 2500 kg on the two smallest models and 3490 kg on the other 3 models.

The cab is characterised by its modern and ergonomic design, offering true driver comfort thanks to meticulous attention to detail. The logical and intuitive layout of the control levers, together with the modern style of the machine's instrumentation, enable the operator to quickly master and control the main functions of the machine.

DEUTZ-FAHR Agrotrac 115.6 turbo: a tireless worker

The Agrotrac 115.6 turbo is equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder turbocharged engine from the 1000 series (specially designed for agricultural work by the SDF Group); this engine delivers a maximum power output of 115 hp at 2350 rpm, with a maximum torque of 478 Nm at 1400 rpm. The machine's impressive performance is perfectly matched by its 5-speed gearbox with 3 ranges (offering a total of 15 forwards gears and 15 reverse gears), with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The fact that the differentials can be fully locked electro-hydraulically makes the Agrotrac 115.6 turbo ideal for tackling the hardest jobs, such as ploughing and heavy cultivation work. An optional super-creeper boosts the number of gears available to 20 in each direction of travel, making it easy to work even at very low speeds: with the engine at maximum speed and the lowest gear engaged it is possible to move at speeds as low as 0.52 km/h. The electro-hydraulically controlled PTO features a dedicated multiplate wet clutch; The 540 and 1000 rpm modes make these machines incredibly versatile to use. The brakes (wet disc brakes on all 4 wheels) and the hydrostatic steering (controlled by a dedicated pump) guarantee a high level of active safety even when transporting challenging loads downhill. The open-centre hydraulic system features a dedicated pump which supplies the 3 rear distributors and the category-2 rear lift at a flow rate of 58 l/min; the maximum capacity of the rear lift is 6200 kg, making it easy to connect very heavy equipment consuming large quantities of hydraulic oil.

The Agrotrac range is available either with the rear ROPS frame and platform featuring two pillars and a roof, or with a soundproofed, air conditioned cab. The ergonomic design of the machine is impressive, thanks to the smart and intuitive layout of the controls.

DEUTZ-FAHR C5305: delicate with grain and efficient for cleaning

Specially designed for non-European markets, the C5000 is a range of machines which feature an extremely compact layout, guaranteeing optimum performance in terms of harvesting capacity and grain cleaning, while offering very low operating costs.

Its compact design is one of the real advantages of this family: thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability and a transport width of under 3 m (with 620/5R26 front tyres), it can access even hard-to-reach plots of land, which would be inaccessible to many other combine harvesters.

The DEUTZ-FAHR C5000 range is equipped with reliable Deutz TCD L6 6-cylinder engines, featuring common rail electronically controlled direct injection, delivering a power output of 160 hp (on the C5205 model) and 180 hp (on the C5305 model); the transmission is controlled by a manual 3-speed gearbox, mated with hydrostatic power steering.

Threshing is performed using a threshing drum which operates with a concave, with independently adjustable front and rear concave clearance.

The C5000 range is equipped with 5 closed straw walkers mounted on bearings, its grain preparation pan has a single structure which is ventilated right across and the broad sieves and the special Double Grain Return (DGR) recovery system on both sides guarantee optimum results in terms of grain cleaning and integrity.

The exclusive DEUTZ-FAHR cutter bars boast working widths of 3.6 m and 4.8 m; these cutter bars are characterised by their design structure, which guarantees an excellent weight distribution, great stability and impressive durability. The wide-diameter auger features retractable fingers in the central section and ensures a constant, efficient supply to the lift channel, which is equipped with a shuttle to prevent clogging.

The grain tank has a capacity of 4.6 m³, and can be emptied in just one minute thanks to the unloading auger which operates at over 75 l/s.

The Commander Cab Evo offers exceptional levels of comfort and includes a panel featuring all the necessary control functions and settings, to guarantee optimum operator comfort and safety.

The ground speed is controlled from the multifunction joystick, which also controls the main functions of the cutter bar.

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