Versatile combine harvester range for any requirement

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DEUTZ-FAHR is expanding its extensive range of combine harvesters with new Extra Balance models for working on extreme hills and the new C5000 Series which is offered in non-regulated countries.

Stability in all harvesting conditions

With the Extra Balance models C 7205 TSXB / C 7206 TSXB and C 9205 TSXB / C 9206 TSXB, DEUTZ-FAHR has revised its successful C7000 and C9000 Series and equipped it with a new hill balancing system which can compensate inclines up to 28 %, side gradients up to 22 % and downward slopes up to 5 %. The system is operated from the cab and works independently of the proven DEUTZ-FAHR Balance System on the front axle. The even weight distribution on the driving wheels ensures maximum stability of the combine harvester in all harvesting conditions. As with all DEUTZ-FAHR models, all combines harvesters remain within 3.50 m external width even with 800 size tyres. With all-wheel drive and the exclusive anti-slip control, the machine can work even on extreme hillside locations, ensuring maximum stability and – most importantly – safety for the driver. The Extra Balance models are driven by a powerful Mercedes-Benz engine with 7.7 l capacity which meets Tier4 Final emission regulations.

Further improvements to the Commander Cab V: The new Commander joystick and the COMMANDER CONTROL monitor – an on-board computer with 7” LED touchscreen – provide easy control and performance monitoring of the machine. Furthermore, it is now possible to store performance data for verification after completing a session of work. The option of storing machine settings for different crop types is another key feature. If required, this data can be loaded to a second combine harvester which saves valuable time when changing machines and drivers. The dual inspection window in the grain tank and a new grain sample door are among the other new features. The grain tank for the Extra Balance Series has a capacity of 7,500 l. Other proven DEUTZ-FAHR components ensure cleaning and gentle grain handling: extending preparation area with double drop step, turbine fan, large sieve area and double grain returns.

Economical entry level for non-regulated countries

The new C5000 offers reliability and high throughput regardless of the size of the operation. It is equipped with a Deutz 6.1 l engine which meets Tier 3A emission levels and is therefore intended for use in non-regulated countries. The model C5205 provides a maximum capacity of 158 HP (118 kW) while the C5305 offers 178 HP (132 kW).

The COMMANDER CAB EVO is fully integrated into the new design and offers all required control functions with maximum ergonomics and great ease of operation, to ensure safe driving in all conditions. The most important controls (header, threshing system and grain tank discharging) are actuated by the driver using mechanical levers. The performance of the machine can be monitored with a system that keeps an eye on everything from wind speed and threshing drum speed to the general threshing cycle. The C5000 Series is equipped with a 4,600 litre grain tank – the largest in its class. Closed grain tank discharge means that discharge is possible in any position.

Sticking to proven systems

The Extra Balance models as well as the C5000 Series are equipped with the proven Schumacher Easy Cut II header with a cutting width of up to 9 m – depending on the model. The frame design and the system provide even and reliable cutting under all conditions, with low wear and low fuel consumption. A chaff spreader and a straw chopper are also available. All models are equipped with a threshing system comprising of a 600 mm drum and an exclusive concave adjustment which allows independent adjustment of concave intake and outlet.

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