The new DEUTZ-FAHR 5 Series and 5G Series

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The strategy of innovation introduced by DEUTZ-FAHR in 2016 has now moved onto its next stage. Immediately after updating the New 6 and 7 Series tractors, DEUTZ-FAHR turned its attention to the utility tractors of the 5 Series and 5G Series.

The new 5 Series (with three models from 110 HP to 126 HP) has been developed as a comfortable, versatile all round utility tractor for all manner of farming applications, from working in stock farms for feeding and loader work to arable and precise planting operations.  The versatility and comfort levels not only appeal to the farmer / contractor, they are also perfectly suited to local authority work – mowing, transport work and hedge cutting to name a few operations.. The seven models of the new 5G Series (from 75 HP to 116 HP) provide an even more compact range with shorter wheel base and smaller wheel options available on the lower horsepower models, suitable for duties in tighter areas where versatility is key. Models in the higher horsepower category are capable of a broad range of applications on the stock and mixed farm, providing a model and specification level for all operations and budgets of farming enterprises.

Cabs on all models of the 5 Series and 5G Series, are now mounted on Hydro Silent Blocks, which cut noise and vibration by up to 40%. Eight work lights on the cab roof and pillars plus two on the hood ensure a clear view even in poor visibility conditions. The 5 Series can also be equipped with supplementary LED lights.. In the cab, which already offered extraordinary levels of comfort, the auxiliary distributor controls have been revised, for even better ergonomics and greater precision when working. Two different engine speeds can now be stored and recalled to make routine tasks even easier.. Another exclusive feature on the 5 Series is theBowden cable and push-button control for gear shifting, providing a smooth and positive engagement across all ranges. All models offer a choice of three roof variants: a standard roof with FOPS protection, a roof with a glass hatch, or a high visibility cab roof in polycarbonate with FOPS for unobstructed upward visibility when working with a front loader.

All models have benefited from a 5% increase in engine power and radically reduced fuel consumption and emissions. All engines are now compliant with Stage 4 (Tier4 Final) emissions regulations. This is true for both the compact 4 cylinder Deutz 3.6 engine with DOC and SCR powering the 5 Series and the 3 and 4 cylinder FARMotion engines of the 5G Series, with SCR conceived specifically for agricultural applications. On all models, the Powercore air filter and an engine cooling system available with the optional Visco fan contribute to engine efficiency.

A truly vast choice of transmission configurations is offered for these new DEUTZ-FAHR utility tractors. The 5 Series uses a 5 speed transmission with electrohydraulic reverse shuttle, up to four working ranges and a two or three speed Powershift to offer  20 to 60 FWD/REV speeds. The 5G Series offers a choice of a four or five speed gearbox, a mechanical or electrohydraulic reverse shuttle, up to four work ranges and a two or three speed Powershift (8 – 60 FWD/REV speeds). Depending on model and version, a top speed of 40 km/h is attainable at economy engine speed. For superlative stability, balance and draft force., Optional rear wheel ballast weights are also available

The all-new front axle geometry on 5 and 5G Series tractors ensures outstanding manoeuvrability and traction in all conditions. The new 5 Series also features front axle suspension, for extraordinary safety and driver comfort in all working conditions. The compact hood design allows an extremely high steering angle. The SDD rapid steer system, which halves the number of steering wheel turns, is available on all models, as are wet disc brakes on all four wheels, which allows front wheel braking action even when four wheel drive is not engaged.. A choice of a mechanical or hydraulic park brake systems are offered.  All models are equipped as standard with four wheel drive and 100% lockable differential locks, both of which are selected electro hydraulically.

The hydraulic systems equipping 5 Series and 5G Series tractors are  powerful and versatile. A choice of three hydraulic system configurations are offered: 55 l/min / 60 l/min Eco and 90 l/min. The 90 l/min “on demand” system comes with  up to four High-Flow .  distributors.. With four PTO speeds (540 / 540 ECO / 1000 / 1000 ECO), the new 5 and 5G Series tractors have much more to offer than the average  tractor in this category. Depending on the model, the rear lift has a maximum capacity of up to 5410 kg. The front lift has a capacity of 2100 kg.

With the Powershuttle transmission, Stop&Go function, SDD rapid steering system, true 4 wheel braking, a superior tractive  force, combined with unobstructed all-round visibility and factory fitted integrated front loader controls, the new 5 Series and 5G Series tractors are the perfect partner for any operation.

DEUTZ-FAHR has taken yet another major step forwards with the new 5 Series and 5G Series, which joins a range of state of the art machines from 75 HP to 340 HP boasting innovative German technology conceived to allow any farm, forestry operator or municipality to increase their productivity.

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