Massey Ferguson Announces the introduction of an Impressive Range of Hay and Forage Equipment

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Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is introducing an impressive range of new Hay and Forage equipment. Designed and built at AGCO's Feucht facility in Germany, this comprehensive line-up encompasses a wide array of high quality and energy-efficient mowers, rakes and tedders.

Massey Ferguson's strategy is to introduce an exclusive and full-line of equipment across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This enables customers to use the sales and service experience of their trusted and professional Dealers and Distributors with the confidence that the machines are supported by Massey Ferguson, explains Campbell Scott, Director Marketing Services EAME.

“Massey Ferguson is a highly successful manufacturer of a full line of tractors, material handling and harvesting equipment, including high quality combines and balers. So it is a logical move to extend the Brand portfolio into Hay and Forage implements from a highly experienced Competence Centre within our own group.”

“Our strategy is to offer both new and existing customers the potent amalgamation of a Massey Ferguson Tractor + Hay & Forage Implement + Technology, with each component working in harmony with the other, forming a Perfect Partnership.”

“This is on top of the advantages to be gained from ISObus compatibility along with auto-guidance, headland management and telemetry,” he adds. “This will place grassland farmers, who choose to farm with Massey Ferguson machinery, at the forefront of total energy efficiency in their farming operations.”

The full range of new Hay and Forage equipment will be progressively launched across European markets on a country by country basis,” says Adam Sherriff, Manager, Marketing Massey Ferguson.

“We are initially launching this new range into the UK and Ireland, and are evaluating market opportunities in other countries across the EAME region.”

The new Massey Ferguson Hay and Forage Line-up comprises:


Massey Ferguson DM Series Mowers & Mower conditioners

  • Five mounted disc mowers from 2.06m to 4m working widths
  • Two 3m and 4m wide semi-mounted mower conditioners
  • Heavy-duty 3m trailed mower conditioner
  • Three centre-drawbar, trailed mower conditioners
  • 3m and 9.3m wide Butterfly-folding mowers



Massey Ferguson TD Series Tedders

  • Six models offering working widths from 5.2m to 12.7m
  • Four mounted machines with four, six or eight rotors
  • Two trailed models with eight or ten rotors


Massey Ferguson RK Series Rakes

  • Four single rotor, linkage mounted rakes, with working widths of 3.6m to 4.5m
  • Four, two-rotor, semi-mounted, trailed chassis rakes offer working widths up to 10m
  • Flagship four-rotor rake providing adjustable working widths up to 12.5m.

Massey Ferguson DM Series mowers cut and condition crops with care

The Massey Ferguson DM Series Disc Mower range includes a vast choice, including light, mounted disc models, front- and rear-mounted mowers, centre drawbar machines as well as trailed mower conditioners and ‘Butterfly' folding combinations with ISObus control.

The Farmer Series is available in widths from 2.0m to 2.8m. The entry-level models are sturdy but lightweight, economical disc mowers for small to medium scale farmers. Ideally suited to work behind lower power tractors and for those with smaller areas to cut, the mowers boast features normally found on larger, more costly machines.

The Professional Series, designed for contractors and larger farms, includes mounted, semi-mounted and trailed disc mowers and mower/conditioners, with working widths from 2m up to a 9.3m front- and rear-combination. Built to provide the performance demanding operators need, the mowers' boast a number of unique features to increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

Many of the mowers are equipped with the award-winning driveGuard overload system. This protects the driveline with simple and easy to fit ‘tabs' rather than shear bolts or pins.

Centre-drawbar mower conditioners in the range provide the benefit of being able to operate to the left and right – like a reversible plough. This means there's no need to work in lands and there's no time wasted moving to the next bout as well as reducing the amount of short work.

Ultimate output is delivered by the Butterfly Mower Conditioner.  Used in tandem with a choice of front-mounted mowers it will provide a working width of 8.3m for fast, efficient harvesting. Even greater outputs are achieved by the 9.3m working width model with swath conveyors and full ISObus control.

Massey Ferguson TD Series Tedders – gentle efficient spreading

The Massey Ferguson TD Series Tedder range encompasses six models to suit a wide range of crop types and applications. Available in working widths from 5.2m to 12.7m, each model offers easily adjustable spreading angles of 15°, 18° and 20.5°, allowing them to be set to match all crop conditions.

The four mounted tedders provide a choice of four, six or eight rotors depending on working width. Two, eight or ten rotor-trailed models, are fitted to a highly manoeuvrable chassis. This uses a novel system that double folds the machine lengthways, retaining an overall transport length of just 5.7m.

All the tedders are equipped with six-tine arms/rotor. The arms are constructed from strong, galvanised flat steel, which ensures consistent power transmission even in the heaviest crops and tough conditions. These are fitted with extremely strong, durable and flexible Super C tines made from 9.5mm diameter steel.

The individual rotors are driven by individual strong, hexagonal shafts through robust universal joints, to provide smooth power transmission free from back-lash. The enclosed rotor head design protects the components from dust and dirt, which ensures trouble-free operation and increases the working life.

Massey Ferguson RK Series Rakes for fast and efficient swath making

A vast array of single, two- and four-rotor rakes in the new Massey Ferguson RK Series include a choice of mounted or trailed models so users can select exactly the right machine for their crops, area and tractor power.

Four single rotor, linkage mounted rakes, with working widths of 3.6m to 4.5m, are equipped with a floating headstock for superb ground following ability. The rotor delivers the swath to the right-hand side and the durable design provides excellent raking quality with easy, straight-forward operation.

There is a choice of four different two-rotor, semi-mounted, trailed chassis rakes available in working widths up to 10m. These are equipped with the patented steerGUARD automatic steering system, which ensures the rake accurately follows the tractor's wheels.

A novel suspension system, along with tandem axles, optimises ground following to provide perfect swath formation and minimum forage contamination. Heavy-duty versions of the 8m and 10m models are designed to cope with high yielding crops and demanding conditions.

The flagship four-rotor Rake, which provides adjustable working widths up to 12.5m, is built for contractors and large-scale farmers requiring accurate swath formation at high work-rates. The robust semi-mounted, trailed chassis machine is designed for transport speeds up to 50km/hr.

Adjustable working width allows operators to make the optimum swath size for the following harvester or baler. A novel headland management system automatically lifts and lowers the rear rotors on the headland, ensuring the swath ends are left neat and tidy.

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