Extensive professional collaboration = monumental exhibition

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The AGROmashEXPO and the AgrárgépShow take place together again between 29 January and 1 February 2014 at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center. The exhibitions it will cover the whole territory which means the exhibition is waiting the visitors on 30.000 square meters.

The visitors will be able to see the widest range of supply owing to the extensive professional collaboration. Some of the novelties presented this year in Hannover are expected to show up on the exhibition as well.

The majority of the Hungarian machinary distributors, including the major, market leading companies are coming to the AgrárgépShow (Agricultural Machinery Show) owned by MEGFOSZ (National Association of the Agricultural Tools and Machinery Distributors)

Holding this two exhibition at the same time is creating a unique event where the visitors will be able to take a look at the full Hungarian range. The AGROmashEXPO, according to its three topics, will present a contionuously widening range in the thematics of input-machine-logistics. The supply of seed corns, breeding materials, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and insecticides are growing but the number of the exhibitors are growing in the agricultural electronics, metrology, automation topics as well.

Within the frames of AGROmashEXPO, the Hungarian manufacturers (MEGOSZ) will display the novelties of the Hungarian agricultural machine engineering on a monumental show.


The HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center is an ideal venue for this trade exhibition: in high quality environment, solely on covered area, independently of the weather conditions, the internationally recognized professional AGROmashEXPO and its co-event the AgrárgépShow are waiting the exhibitors and visitors.

The event owes its rank amongst others to the fact that most Hungarian companies are turning up on the exhibition, and the most international companies are presenting themselves here in Hungary, also to the significant professional support by the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development and the professional associations. The co-program is forming with the contribution of the professional partners.

Program draft:

29. January Opening, later the program of the Ministry of Rural Development

30. January Program of the Grain Producer's Association – Hungary

31. January Program of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture


In 2014. again as a co-exhibition of the AGROmashEXPO, AgrárgépShow the Magyar Kert  - Hungarian Garden (tools and machinery of maintaining, tilling parks and gardens) and Szőlészet és Pincészet – Viniculture and Viticulture (technology of vinery) professional exhibitions will be organized. The joint presentation of the three professional sectors is an outstanding possibility for the visitors to inform about the actualities, trends and novelties at the same time and place.



Further information, registration: www.agromashexpo.hu


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