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Worldwide News 2020.10.20.

VDMA Agricultural Machinery: Anthony van der Ley new chairman

Anthony van der Ley is the new Chairman of the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association. The board of the industry organisation elected the 55-year-old managing director of Lemken GmbH & Co. KG unanimously as successor to Christian Dreyer, who did not run for the chairmanship after a successful four-year term of office, but will continue to be represented in the association's presidium.

Worldwide News 2018.10.09.

VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association: Russian market has not reached its potential yet

Increasing prices for major agricultural commodities, particularly for grain, and rising agricultural exports fuelled by depreciated national currency create favourable conditions in Russian agriculture. At the same time, the Russian ag machinery market has been subjected to the pressure of lower demand, as well as macroeconomic and regulatory risks. “We come to AGROSALON in 2018 with cautious optimism and commitment to Russian farmers,” says VDMA President Christian Dreyer.

Worldwide News 2018.08.24.

The agricultural machinery industry achieves record growth of 14 percent

The manufacturers of agricultural machinery and tractors in Germany are very satisfied with their half-yearly results. The industry achieved record growth with an increase by 14 percent in turnover to a good €5 billion. “We are currently operating in a very favourable market environment. On average, the factories will be running at full capacity for the next three months. This means a peak far beyond the usual figure for August”, says VDMA Managing Director Dr. Bernd Scherer.

Worldwide News 2018.03.09.

VDMA: Agricultural machinery industry reports strong growth in turnover

Agricultural machinery and tractor manufacturers producing in Germany have experienced an exceptionally good business year. In 2017, a strong growth in turnover of 10 percent, to €7.9 billion, represented the second-best annual result ever achieved by the industry. “The demand for innovative agricultural machinery is greater than it has been for a long time,” stated Dr. Bernd Scherer, Managing Director of the VDMA Agricultural Machinery Association. Satisfactorily high milk prices, in some cases exceeding 40 cents per kilogram, are “the most important trigger for the latest surge of investment in agriculture.”

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A világ mezőgépgyártása 2016/17-ben

Az elmúlt háromévi stagnálás és visszaesés után előreláthatólag 2017-ben újra növekedésnek indult a világ mezőgépipari termelése. A mértékadó adatok szerint (CEMA, VDMA) 2017-ben mintegy 4%-os bővülés lesz mérhető és ezzel a világtermelés volumene újból meghaladja majd a 100 Mrd eurót.

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