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Worldwide News 2022.05.06.

Strong increase in EU agri-food trade reported in beginning of 2022

The total value of EU agri-food trade reached a value of €28.3 billion in January 2022, a 25% increase compared to the same period last year and a 16% increase on the three-year average. Exports reached €15.8 billion, while imports were valued at €12.5 billion, representing increases of 16% and 38% respectively.

Worldwide News 2021.11.05.

EU-US joint press statement

European Union Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski and United States Secretary of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today issued the following statement on a newly created transatlantic collaboration platform on agriculture designed to take on the global challenges of sustainability and climate change.

Worldwide News 2021.11.03.

Commission publishes state of play on unfair trading practices rules for agri-food supply chain

Today, the Commission published the report on the state of play of the transposition and implementation of the unfair trading practices (UTPs) Directive, covering the 16 Member States that notified complete transposition to the Commission by July 2021. Adopted in April 2019, the Directive aims at protecting farmers, farmers organisations and other weaker suppliers of agricultural and food products against stronger buyers.

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