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Worldwide News 2019.03.26.

HORSCH with a turnover of 402 million Euro

In 2018, with 402 million Euro the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH achieved the highest turnover in the company’s history. This is a two-digit growth for the third time in a row. There are many reasons for the 12% increase compared to 2017 (358 million Euro). HORSCH continues to carry out considerable investments at all sites, in the sectors service as well as R & D. In all sectors, HORSCH still consequently follows its strategy of putting the focus of all activities on the customer.

Worldwide News 2018.11.07.

New products in the PROLANDER range

The PROLANDER vibrating tine stubble cultivator has won over many users due to its versatility, from shallow stubble cultivation to secondary tillage and seedbed preparation. It offers exceptional passage capacity even in the presence of crop residues thanks to its five rows of tines.

Worldwide News 2018.11.07.

Topcon Agriculture releases Tillage Depth Control powered by NORAC

Topcon Agriculture announces the release of the NORAC Tillage Depth Control (TDC) system, leveraging the same core technology used on the industry leading NORAC Boom Height Control system. The system utilizes ultrasonic sensors designed to maintain correct implement depth whilst automatically compensating for differing soil types and terrains.

Worldwide News 2017.11.13.

GREAT PLAINS at Agritechnica

Great Plains will be exhibiting a number of examples from their extensive range of vertical tillage, drilling, planting and nutrient placement products at this year’s Agritechnica. The manufacturer’s line-up includes the following machines:

Worldwide News 2016.12.01.

Pöttinger 2016: Insight and Outlook

Thanks to innovative products and a balanced product range, the family-owned Austrian company Pöttinger managed to achieve a turnover of EUR 301 million with a staff of 1,700 employees during financial year 2015/16 despite a generally difficult market situation and an overall downturn in sales in the agricultural technology industry.

Worldwide News 2016.09.08.

Annual report - Pöttinger has successfully countered the challenging market situation in the grassland sector with tillage and seed drill technology

Thanks to innovative products and a balanced product range, the Austrian family-owned company Pöttinger managed to achieve a turnover of EUR 301 million during the last financial year despite difficult market conditions and a significant downturn in total sales volume in the agricultural technology industry.

Worldwide News 2016.01.21.

Pöttinger: 40 years' expertise in tillage

Finishing one harvest means preparing for the next as farmers get their tillage implements out into the field. At Pöttinger, a new cycle of development begins every year at this time. The successful development of modern soil preparation implements requires extensive knowledge of sustainable cultivation. This knowledge has been consistently expanded by Pöttinger for more than 40 years.

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Gyártói tapasztalatok - Gondolatok a sávos talajművelésről

A sávos talajművelés egyre nagyobb teret hódít manapság Európában. A magyarországi gépkereskedők, honos gyártók közül azonban még igen kevesen tudnak a technológiára alkalmas munkagépet kínálni. Az Agro Napló arra volt kíváncsi, hogy az egy-egy gyártó miként látja a technológiát és annak jövőjét, milyen tapasztalatokkal rendelkeznek a hazai és nemzetközi szintéren?

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