Címke: supply chain

Worldwide News 2016.06.15.

Parliament calls for EU action to help farmers fight unfair trading practices

MEPs urge the EU Commission to put forward proposals against unfair trading practices in the food supply chain, so as to ensure fair earnings for farmers and a wide choice for consumers, in a resolution voted on Tuesday. The aim should be to ensure fair and transparent trade relations among food producers, suppliers and distributors. Fair trading should in turn help to prevent overproduction and food waste, they add.

Worldwide News 2014.10.17.

EU cooperation has improved the food supply chain, but still much needs to be done

The food supply chain plays a crucial role in the daily life and well-being of every one of us. Apart from ensuring that we all have food to consume on a daily basis, it also provides employment for 46 million people in more than 15 million enterprises engaged in agriculture, food industry, food trade and services. This afternoon's final meeting of the EU's High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain will reveal a lot of progress in improving the operation of the food supply chain; in particular the group has contributed to more equitable business-to business trading relationships. But work still needs to be continued on sustainability, social dialogue and the monitoring of food prices.