Címke: Knotter

Worldwide News 2015.08.21.

CLAAS High-Performance Knotter with Automatic Compaction Pressure Control and Active Air Ducting

Metz / Samswegen, August 2015. Until now, the QUADRANT 3200 and 2200 models have handled the 120 cm x 70 cm bale category at CLAAS. Both of these square balers have now been completely redeveloped. In doing so, CLAAS even took a new look at its oldest patent and now presents the new CLAAS high-performance knotter in the form of the new QUADRANT 5200 and 4200. During development of the QUADRANT 5200, the focus was on performance, bale density and driver comfort. In addition to its new knotter. The QUADRANT 4200 is characterised by its many different equipment options and new design.