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Worldwide News 2022.09.22.

A New JOSKIN Factory in Luxembourg

The JOSKIN Group, whose historical and economic heart is located in Soumagne, 20 km from Liège in Belgium, manufactures agricultural machinery which it regularly distributes in over 60 countries on 5 continents.

Worldwide News 2022.08.30.

JOSKIN Polska is expanding…

Since March of this year, the JOSKIN Polska site has undergone a major development with the construction of a new storage hall with a floor area of over 12,000 m² and a volume of almost 100,000 m³.

Worldwide News 2022.08.26.

New Investments at JOSKIN

Producing a reliable, quality equipment requires resources. At JOSKIN, we have a recipe for overcoming the recurring problems of staff shortages and lack of space in Soumagne: investing! Despite the health and geopolitical context, agriculture continues to play a role and the demand for JOSKIN continues to grow, so the company must find ways to produce more. Faced with difficulties in recruiting production staff, JOSKIN is forced to rely heavily on automation. As for the problem of extension space in Soumagne, unfortunately it will once again find a solution abroad.

Worldwide News 2022.06.07.

JOSKIN adopts the codes of a new social network: TikTok!

Well aware that social networks and new communication technologies are, today more than ever, essential tools to stay close to its fans, maintain its image, build audience loyalty and meet the expectations of current and future generations, the JOSKIN company is pursuing its digital development and has just arrived on a new social network: TikTok!

Worldwide News 2021.10.25.

Trailed Bale Trailer – Wago TR

After taking over the Leboulch company (French manufacturer of agricultural tipping trailers, muck spreaders and bale trailers) in 2012, JOSKIN decided to rethink the development of the Leboulch bale trailers in order to add them to its own range. The objective is simple: to use the experience of the Leboulch brand, but also JOSKIN’s technique and technological progress, to create an improved bale trailer adapted to the market needs.

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