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Worldwide News 2017.05.24.

What's new in the loader wagon sector

As the world leader with almost 60 models of loader wagon, Pöttinger not only responds to individual customer requirements but also continues to develop its product range. There are several new features for the 2017 season:

Worldwide News 2015.05.06.

FARO: New models and highlights for the smoothest running mid-class rotor loader wagon

It was with the FARO that Pöttinger introduced rotor technology featured on large loader wagons to the medium-sized loader wagon segment. Now farmers can choose between the classic FARO 3510 L/D, 4010 L, 4510 L/D, 5010 L and 8010 L loader wagons with a volume from 23 up to 46 m3 (DIN) and the FARO 4010 L/D COMBILINE multipurpose models. They all feature many technical highlights from the engineers at Pöttinger.

Worldwide News 2014.09.05.

Pöttinger innovations 2015 season

Innovations make life easier for our customers. With this in mind, Pöttinger continues to develop new products. Cost-effectiveness, soil and crop protection, intelligent technology and attractive design are the key drivers behind the development of our machines.