Címke: Agricultural tires

Worldwide News 2021.03.24.

The right tires for stony and sandy agricultural soils

BKT reports the first-hand experience of Matthew Hawthorne, Farm Manager at Euston Farm, in England, who for his fleet chose the BKT tires AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, AGRIMAX TERIS and FL 630. “What do I look for in a tire? Without doubt robustness, efficiency and reliability”

Worldwide News 2021.03.03.

BKT, innovation in science. But also art.

A new inspiring talk on BKT digital TV. Recounting his passions today is a man of science who has made relaxing art his daily spark of inspiration. It is Mr. Dilip Vaidya, President and Director of Technology at BKT.

Worldwide News 2021.02.22.

The right equipment for fodder crops

BKT reports the first-hand experience of Angelo Caligari from the farming company Crocetta, who has chosen AGRIMAX FORCE tires for his tractor: “The advantages of these tires? Great stability and perfect control of the vehicle”

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