Címke: Agricultural tires

Worldwide News 2021.06.14.

The right tires for breeding activities

BKT reports the first-hand story of the Scaglia Farm, “Stockbreeders from the beginning”, because Piedmontese cattle have always been raised here. The company mantra? Quality, quality and even more quality. This is why Scaglia brothers have chosen a wide range of BKT tires.

Worldwide News 2021.05.21.

Continental launches new loader tire

Continental has launched a new telehandler and skid-steer loader tire. The CompactMaster AG tire is the first to be designed with a new Turtle Shield tread layer and twisted steel belt. “This is a reinforced tire with a hard shell and a more flexible steel wire construction to help prevent cuts and damage, whilst offering greater stability for materials handling work,” explains Benjamin Hübner, Product Line Manager Product Line Manager Agricultural Tires at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires.

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