World Record in Manure Spreading – Alliance Tires A380 ensure optimal traction and performance


In early August 2014, the first world record in manure spreading was set in the Ukraine and immediately entered into the Guinness Book of World Records / ATG supported the joint event of Brochard Constructeur and New Holland with A380.

Twenty-four hours, 4,217 tons of manure, and 221.8 hectares covered – these are the key figures of the world record in manure spreading set on a dairy farm near Chernigov in the Ukraine at the beginning of August.

The world record was achieved in a joint effort by Brochard Constructeur, a French manufacturer of large area spreaders, and the tractor manufacturer New Holland.

A Brochard spreader with a capacity of 50 tons was used, although it was loaded with a wheel load of 65 tons for the world record. The spreader was pulled and powered by a New Holland T9.615 tractor. Alliance Tire Group supported the effort by supplying the team with A380 tires for the Brochard spreader.


Alliance Tire at Brochard_T9_Record-02


The A380 is the first radial tire for dumpers and small loaders, developed to carry heavy loads on tough terrain. A special non-directional tread pattern equally ensures traction and steering capabilities in forward and backward driving operations. In addition, the tire ensures excellent machine stability, a comfortable ride and good machine mobility, more efficient self-cleaning and traction as well as better overall performance on the road. The unique sidewall construction enables high lateral machine stability and tilt characteristics, while steel breakers efficiently prevent punctures and ensure uniform ground pressure distribution.


Alliance Tire at Brochard_T9_Record


The entire event was carried out in accordance with the strict policies of the Guinness World Records Organization. Eva Norroy from the Guinness World Records Organization was not only impressed by the modern agricultural technology, but especially by the tight and efficient co-operation of the record-winning team.

“We of the Alliance Tire Group enjoyed being part of the event. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that great achievements and progress in farming procedures can only be realized with modern and high performance tire technology. We were able to show that our products can facilitate such great achievements – while at the same time ensuring maximum soil protection and driving comfort. We congratulate the team on their success,” commented Angelo Noronha, Chief Marketing & Sales of Alliance Tire Group Europe.

Alliance Tire at Brochard_T9_Record-03

Mr Alain Bellion, President Brochard Constructeur added "Alliance tires was our obvious choice for such a demanding application because of excellent performance and suitability of tires.

Brochard Constructeur deals with ATG for several years and we are really happy from this partnership, we always preferred Alliance for quality products and excellent support in French market led by Francois Girard."