World launch COMMANDER 5500 - Fields ahead


World launch of COMMANDER 5500 will be at Agroshow in Poland in September 2012 – The sprayer here flanked by manager HARDI Poland Bogdan Kozien and sales manager Jaromir Struski.





HARDI introduces the COMMANDER 5500 - a new model in the COMMANDER series developed for spraying with higher spraying speeds, better performance resulting in an increased overall capacity.

The new sprayer model will be shown at Agroshow in Poznan – Poland September 21 – 2012.

The COMMANDER 5500 is based on the proven concept of COMMANDER 6600 and is in direct family with COMMANDER 7000. However, the more than 37 updates make the spray job easier, simpler and faster for the end-user.

New DynamicFluid 4 liquid system

The liquid system is developed in terms of a faster regulation with highest possible accuracy. The new liquid system works with a fast “feed forward” regulation valve to deal with all the challenges forced by tractor transmissions with steeples speed changes and automatic on/off functionality of modern sprayers. The new regulation valve is programmed to scope with different driving behaviours.

HARDI has been working for more than 2 years on this concept and been testing in the spraying season of 2011 and spring 2012.

The regulation concept is designed with 4 different sensors. Together with the high precision, the 4 sensors are working as backup for each other. This results in high level of security and built-in reliability.

Benefits of DynamicFluid4:

- Fast reaction - direct with no delay in the start up and with the demanded dosage

- Thinking forward- At headlands the system is calculating the right dossage for entering the field

- Precise - measuring and calculating 20 times/sec

- Wider regulation range from 0-500 l/min

- 2-7 times faster than demands from the JKI Institute Germany

- Flexible - the regulation follows changes in speed when e.g. passing obstacles in the field

- AutoSectionControl - inputs from sensors e.g. shutting off sections

- High reliability with ceramic valves, no leaks and long lifetime


Refined Zone Concept

An example of functional design is the WorkZone where all primary functions are placed in an easy to reach position.

Everything you need to operate the sprayer is available in this area, and everything is designed to be simple and logical to understand and operate.

The large safety locker is placed right over the WorkZone. A clean water tap is situated in same area.

The filling area is renewed, and the induction hopper has been further developed to a TurboFiller type, where a TurboDeflector inside the hopper creates a powerful circulation of the liquid and takes care that all kinds of chemicals are quickly mixed and transferred to the tank. Also a new bigger safety locker is now standard.

Intelligent features and integrated electronics

The controller range exists of the HARDI high-end solutions HC6500 and the new ISOBUS terminal HC9500. Both controllers give a unique control of the primary spraying functions via the GRIP and have a lot of features to make the spraying safe and easy.

The well-known intelligent features of the HARDI COMMANDER have been revised to scope with the new fluid regulation including AutoFill, AutoWash, AutoAgitation etc.

The HARDI SprayCircle below shows how operation is done easier with Preparation, Spraying and Finishing phase – and fulfilled with the HARDI controllers.


Booms up to 42 m

4 different booms are offered for the COMMANDER 5500.

- DELTA boom with 18 to 28 m

- air assisted TWIN FORCE boom with 24 to 36 m

- FORCE boom with 24 - 36 m

- The new TERRA FORCE 36 to 42 m


Peter Dahl