Vogel & Noot's new products at DLG-Feldtage 2016


Vogel & Noot, specialists in soil cultivation, seed drills and crop protection, will be presenting the new trailed sprayer PHAROS 4600 at “DLG-Feldtage” in Haßfurt from 14‑16 June 2016. You can look forward to this latest generation of sprayers at the Vogel & Noot stand (G-C152) as well as the practical show at the DLG-parcours.

PHAROS 4600 – the clever trailed sprayer

Crop-protecting, effective and especially user-friendly: the new PHAROS 4600 trailed sprayer. The innovative chassis, the convenient, problem-free and exact metering and the precise linkage save time, money and nerves.

Safety takes priority – the chassis provides excellent warping rigidity and stability, the hopper is compact and the linkage is optimised, all providing the necessary stability. In addition to the hopper which is positioned in front of the axle, the 444-litre fresh water hopper is positioned underneath to ensure a low centre of gravity.

The potentiometer-controlled steering axle with air suspension and ALB controller (automatic load-dependent brake and suspension) guarantee exact tracking and safe road transport. The PHAROS is, of course, ready for road traffic as per the new EU directives. The axle with air suspension minimises the transfer of vibrations to the linkage. Not only is the linkage protected, but increased working speeds up to 18 km/h are also possible.

Elegant and well designed, the new hopper of the PHAROS has a 4600 litre capacity. The compact polyethylene hopper is stable and durable. Its rounded shape and smooth surfaces are quick and easy to clean from inside and out. A separate pump is used for continual internal cleaning. The baffle integrated in the centre of the hopper prevents the liquid from sloshing and increases safety during travel. A very low outlet sump is a natural guarantee of complete emptying, even on slopes.

Cleverly done – the operator and function control panel on the left side of the sprayer is easy to reach. In the high-end fitting, all relevant functions (e.g. agitator shut-off, internal and separate linkage cleaning, spraying, tracking, etc.) are controlled via the tractor control unit.

Additional functions (e.g. suction, internal and external cleaning, filling funnel function and hopper content, etc.) are activated electrically and displayed on the control panel.

The newest Maxi 3.0 terminal from Müller Elektronik not only features an impressive design, it also has several new, optional features (e.g. pneumatic individual nozzle switching, Tankcontrol II with filling stop, Distance Control II for variable ground geometry, AUX II support, Trail Control with X sensor for trailing axle, etc.) Configurations with up to 18 boom sections are not a problem.

The large 400 litre Altek pump, which is suitable for liquid fertiliser, has a huge effect on area coverage and work quality.

Flexible in width and height – the new, fully hydraulic linkage (FH927/15), with special folding as standard from 27 to 15 metres, folds on to the side of the hopper. Thanks to the two-part folding mechanism, a sensational transport width of just 2.52 metres is achieved with corresponding track width and tyres. The variable geometry allows for optimal adjustment of the linkage to the topographical conditions. The newly designed parallelogram height adjustment achieves a lifting height of almost 2.90 metres. Even the highest of crops are protected. High planting quantities are not a problem with the large R1" nozzle lines with circulation. Further benefits of this system include no loss of pressure and just two supply hoses. The 54 nozzles are protected by their position in the linkage.

Smart customers appreciate ...

  • user-friendly and convenient operation with numerous new functions
  • flexible and precise linkage with special folding mechanism and variable geometry
  • crop-protecting work thanks to lifting height of up to 2.60 metres
  • safe transport thanks to low centre of gravity, exact tracking and low transport width

Visit us at “DLG-Feldtage” at the Vogel & Noot stand (G-C152).