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FlowBack valves technology
TeeJet UniPilot® Assisted Steering for Matrix


FlowBack valves technology

Key changes include:

• Updating format to current look

• Addition of 430FB

• Addition of 480FB

• Addition of flow ratings at 10-psi (0.7 bar) pressure drop

• Correction of errors in dimensional data

• Updated flow back illustrations

This replaces LI-TJ113-R1.



TeeJet UniPilot® Assisted Steering for Matrix

TeeJet Technologies is excited to announce the release of UniPilot assisted steering.

UniPilot utilizes a steering wheel mounted electric steering motor (ESM) to provide assisted steering for a wide range of vehicles. A single, universal mounting bracket allows the ESM to be mounted quickly and easily to the vehicle’s steering column without removing the steering wheel or altering the hydraulic system. UniPilot further expands the capability of the TeeJet Matrix family of guidance products and supports all available guidance modes. A complete UniPilot assisted steering system consists of: universal mounting bracket, ESM (Electric Steering Motor), SCM (Steering Control Module), Matrix Pro console and related harnessing.

UniPilot is compatible with all new or existing Matrix and Matrix Pro consoles and requires software version 1.04 or higher. UniPilot is currently in stock in Springfield and available for ordering.

System Pricing:

- 91-02400 UniPilot Kit with ESM, SCM and mounting bracket (no Matrix) $4,582.38 €4,295.02

- 90-02806 ESM & Bracket Kit (no SCM or Matrix) $3,678.16


The UniPilot installation manual (98-05226 R2) and UniPilot product bulletin (98-01442) are attached for reference. Hard copies of the bulletin will be available in approximately two weeks.